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Youxi rice terraces in Sanming, an amazing landscape for photo shooting

The mercury is soaring when the hot summer weather heats up the whole province, there are still some places that remain to be cool and attractive. One of those is Youxi Joint Terraces, an ideal destination to experience cool and wonderful nature.
Youxi County (尤溪县), crowned as the 'Pearl in Central Fujian' by Chinese National Geography Magazine, is located in central Sanming (三明). It is famous as the birthplace of Zhu Xi 朱熹 (also known as Zhuzi 朱子), a famous philosopher, commentator and educator in Southern Song Dynasty. 
Other than the noted cultural figure, Youxi is also known for its scenic terraces, the Youxi Joint Terraces, which is one of the five most charming terraces in China.
Youxi Joint Terraces in Sanming, Fujian, China
Youxi Joint Terraces (尤溪联合梯田), as the name indicates, involves terraced fields of 8 natural villages in YouxiCounty. They are LianheVillage, LiandongVillage, LiannanVillage, LianxiVillage, DongbianVillage, YunshanVillage, XiayunVillage and LianyunVillage. The joint terraces stretch about 1,667 acres. The highest point reaches nearly 1,000 metres, and the lowest point is more than 500 metres, with a perpendicular throw of over 400 metres.
The people living there have been toiled in the fields for generations. Standing on the hillside, you can see acres of terraced fields where farmers are toiling, with smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys and gentle breeze soothing you. It's like a fairyland that tourists always forget to leave!
The terraces are like the nature's palette. In spring, the fields are irrigated with water. In summer, the view of the paddy field is amazing. The landscape is even wonderful in autumn, when the golden paddy field shines in the sun. In winter, tourists may be lucky to witness the wonderful sea of clouds after torrential rains. It's suitable for photo shooting all year round, but the months of March, April, May, August, September and December are the best time.
Tips: Yunshan Village (云山村) and Lianyun Village (连云村) are the best places to shoot the natural wonderland.
Dining and local specialties:
Dried Rice Noodle with Loach, Youxi Duck, Sliced Noodle and Plain Noodle Soup are the local dishes and snacks.
Peanut, green bamboo shoot, black tea, tea seed oil, Kumquat Vinegar, Shuangli Roasted Duck (双鲤烤鸭), Chopstick Noodles and Youxi Herb-root soup (尤溪草根汤) are famous local specialties.
How to get there:
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1). Self-driving: Drive along Shenhai Expressway (
沈海高速), turn left to Fuyin Expressway (福银高速) in Qingkou Town (青口镇), get out at Youxi Exit and drive to the destination.
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2). Use a travel agent:
Renting a van with a driver is the next best alternative.