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Zhongxian Ginkgo forest, a wonderful place for photo shoots in Fujian

Did you ever know that Sanming has something unique to the residents and visitors in Fujian? Get stumped by the question? No problem, WOX Travel is introducing the answer - the Ginkgo forest.
In Zhongxian Township (中仙乡), Youxi County of Sanming, the birthplace of the famous cultural figure Zhu Xi (朱熹), there is a Ginkgo forest that boasts the largest, the most old-line Ginkgo forest in Fujian. It's a prime tourist resort for ancestry exploration and dissemination of science, and photography as well.
Longmenchang Ginkgo forest in Sanming, Fujian
The Ginkgo forest is situated in Longmenchang (龙门场), Zhongxian Township, Youxi County, Sanming. There are nearly 300 Gingko trees, most of which are over 700 years old. The tallest Ginkgo tree is more than 20 metres, and the diameter of its crown reaches over 20 metres. Through hundreds of years, these precious trees have kept vibrant.
The wood is color-changing as the seasons turn. In spring, when everything revives, the tender sprouts grow on the tree. In summer, villagers stay at the cool breezy shade of the Ginkgo trees at nightfall. What a fascinating idyllic scenery! While in autumn, the fan-like leaves turn golden-yellow and bear nuts, which look like pearls nestled among leaves.
Ginkgo is a genus of highly unusual non-flowering plants with one extant species, which is regarded as a living fossil. It’s one of the first-class protected trees in China.
Ginkgo trees are widely found on the hills. There are cottages in the woods. The wooden houses are primitive but unique. A crystal clean stream runs through the forest village, vivifying the ancient village. There would be no better integration of human and nature here in Fujian. The presence of the Ginkgo wood will surely make your experience awesome.
The deciduous Ginkgo trees enhance much charm to the wooden village. In autumn and winter, when the soothing breeze blows through the forest, the frosty leaves fall off the trees. The scene is like a fairy scattering flowers in the sky. The paths are covered with golden-yellow Ginkgo tree leaves and the ground is turned into a natural carpet. How harmonious the natural scenery is!
How to get there:
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1). Self-driving: Drive along Shenhai Expressway (沈海高速), turn left to Fuyin Expressway (福银高速) in Qingkou Town (青口镇), get out at Youxi Exit.
Route (S 206 Provincial Road): Youxi Exit – Chengguan (城关) – Banmian Township (坂面乡) – Qingxikou Bridge (清溪口大桥) – turn left to Qingxi Village (清溪村) in Taixi Township (台溪乡) – Jianxi Village (剑溪村) in Zhongxian Township – Longmenchang natural village
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