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Spend a sweet Double Seventh Festival at Taimu Mountain

The Double Seventh Festival, falling on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month (16th August this year), is what Valentine's Day to the western countries. The festival originates from the legend of the loyal love between Niulang (牛郎 cowboy) and Zhinv (织女 weaving girl), two characters of the romantic Chinese legend Cowboy and Weaving Girl.
As Chinese Valentine's Day, the festival is the most romantic one among all traditional Chinese festivals, and also a day most valued by people in love. It's a good opportunity for one to confess his/her love to someone, and prove how much he/she loves his/her sweetheart.
Today, through evolvement and innovation based on traditional culture, the festival is still one of the favorite festivals in China. People in love, young and old, men and women, all value the festival very much.
Chocolates, flowers and even diamond, all are not distinctive gift ideas. Why not give your sweetheart or sweetheart-to-be a surprise. If you are in Xiamen this year, you can express your love in a natural wonderland – the Taimu Mountain (太姥山) in Ningde City, a city lying in eastern Fujian.
The Taimu Mountain in Ningde, Fujian
The Taimu Mountain, dubbed the Abode of Immortals on the Sea, is a heaven-sent resort for lovers in Fujian. Embraced by the sea on three sides, with its jagged limestone peaks perpetually wrapped in mist in most time of the year, the mountain can match Wuyi Mountain in Nanping City.
There are One Line Sky, Valley of Love and the Chaoyin Cave (朝音洞) at Niulanggang Bathing Beach (牛郎岗海滨浴场). It's said that lovers successful in walking through the One Line Sky (a tight passage between two ridges) hand in hand will finally tie the knot.
To welcome the coming lovers, the authority of Taimu Mountain has announced five activities to enhance romantic atmosphere. During the period from 14th August to 29th August, there will be 7 places for lovers to leave love marks there. Lovers that collect 7 love marks are eligible to play Lucky Wheel. Unexpected lucky chances may befall you! Additionally, there will be love parties and interactive games for lovers.
How to get there:
1). Take a Xiamen-Wenzhou bullet train to Fuding Station, take a taxi there.
2). Self-driving:
Route: Drive along Shenhai Expressway (沈海高速); Lianjiang连江 – Luoyuan罗源– Ningde宁德 – Fu’an福安 – Xiapu霞浦 – Sansha三沙 – Yacheng牙城 Taimu Mountain (Qinyu 秦屿).
3). Use a travel agent:
Renting a van with a driver is the next best alternative.