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Xiamen, a great place for active outdoor sports tourists

Located by the seaside, Xiamen of Fujian Province has many beach activities to offer, including kite surfing, swimming and rafting. The beaches are kept well and the water is clean. The mild climate in the city makes beach activities feasible all the year round.

1. Kite surfing
Kite surfing in Xiamen
The main beaches in Xiamen stretch from Xiamen University to Yefengzhai, which measures over 10 kilometers. The extreme sport "kite surfing", which brings both the excitement of kiting and surfing, has taken over the water recreation areas of some popular beaches in Xiamen. Various domestic and international competitions are held there.

Of the numerous beaches, Haiyuntai Beach is the best beach for kite surfing due to its wideness and fine sand. It is favored by most kite surfers as there are fewer travelers and the sea water is crystal clear. Visitors can easily find it situated between the Asia Gulf Hotel and the Xiamen International Exhibitions and Conference Centre.

Other beaches for kite surfing:

- Yueguang (moonlight) Beach

How to get there: take a ferry at Tongyi Dock to Zhangzhou port, leave the port and take a minibus to Qianting town, follow the road signs to reach Houcai Gulf.

- Dongshan Beach

How to get there: take the minibus at Xiamen Hubinnan Long Distance Bus Station to Dongshan Beach.

2. Cycling 

In Xiamen, it is easy to hire a bike to tour the city. There are special bicycle lanes in the city, which make almost everywhere accessible by bike. Cycling tours are also provided by local travel agencies. One of the popular cycling routes is from Xiamen University to Huandao Road via South Putuo Temple.

- Xiamen University
Xiamen University
Located in the southern part of Xiamen Island, at the foot of green mountains, surrounded by Xiamen Bay and facing the blue sea, Xiamen University is well known for its beautiful campus. The main campus is picturesque with beautiful parks and pools. The old traditional buildings and western style architectures add beauty to each other.

Transportation: take bus No.1, 15, 18, 20, 29 or 45

- South Putuo Temple or Nanputuo Temple
South Putuo Temple or Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen
Situated in the southeast of Xiamen and adjacent to Xiamen University, South Putuo Temple was built in Tang Dynasty (618-907). It plays an important role at home and abroad. It is one of the famous Buddhist sacred spots in southern Fujian Province and the site of South Fujian Buddhist Academy.

Transportation: take bus No.1, 17, 18, 29, 45, 47 or 87

3. Boating and Rafting
Located just 45 kilometers west of Xiamen, Changtai water rafting measures eight kilometers long and consists of over 60 bends. The spectacular scenery on both banks features mountains, rivers, streams, valleys and waterfalls. It is a good location of rafting. Visitors can experience the extreme thrilling as well as easy floating on the river. In addition, other activities including hiking and horseback riding are offer there.

How to get there: take the minibus from Xiamen Songbai Bus Station to Changtai. The bus ticket costs 15 yuan and the bus journey takes about 45 minutes.

4. Hiking
The picturesque Xiamen University is a perfect starting point for a hike in the city. Hikers will find behind the modern buildings on the campus, there are trails leading up the mountains. On the way, the views of sea, temples and botanical gardens are very attractive to the eyes.

Huandao Lu (Ring Road) is a popular hiking destination in Xiamen. It has long been known as the golden coastline. Hikers can enjoy the sea view and beach scenery while jogging on this road.

Transportation: take bus No.48 to Hulishan Ancient Fort and the Huandao Lu is near to it.

SOURCE: Global Times

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