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Discover the Dajin Lake in Sanming: the Danxia landscape is simply fantastic

Characterized deep incised gorges and many incised meanders, the Dajin Lake Danxia area has a wealth of different shapes

Fissured in all directions, the topography of the Dajin Lake has further undergone weathering and erosion by wind and water, giving rise to the red cliffs, square mountains, pointed peaks, stone pillars and walls, incised meanders and gorges that constitute the unique Danxia landscape

The beauty of Dajin Lake in Taining County of Fujian Province in southeastern China knows no boundaries. Land, water and sky have come in complete harmony to perfect a work of art that spreads out to a vast 461.8 square kilometers by the central part of Wuyi Mountain. 166.9 square kilometers out of this total area is danxia topography, a type of landform resulting from years of water and wind erosion and rock movements that shape a particular area into impressive forms and contours with striking colors.

Note that when visiting Dajin Lake (also known as the Golden Lake of Dajin), you are given a treat to a scenic body of water accompanied by danxia landform. It is referred to as “danxia on water” and has been awarded as one of the Top 7 Most Beautiful Danxia in China by the China National Geography Magazine. The four major attractions in this area are the Shangqing Stream, Jinhu Lake, Dragon King Cave and Eight Immortals Cliff characterized by plunging crevasses, peaks outdoing each other in height, uneven cliffs, unique rock formations and water passages in between rocks and hills. Imagine high walls of rocks, green mountains, rolling mounds and multihued surfaces of stone pillars rising from the water – these are common sights you will stumble upon as the tranquil waters take you downstream.

The temple is real, not false, have been there for 2000 years

Another note-worthy attraction within the Dajin Lake area is the Ganlu Rock Temple – a sight you will encounter on the northeast side of the Golden Lake which is a unique structure made with wood and without using any nail irons at all, built in the walls of the Ganlu Rock cave. Its supports cling to the very surface of the rocks and because of its location, it was designed to be narrow from the inside with an open terrace-like structure on the outside. The Ganlu Rock Temple is only one among the many temples built in this particular area along with the neighboring Tiantai Rock that also houses other cave museums and rock holes.

Mountain around Dajin Lake of Sanming


The most common ways to explore Dajin Lake are by riding the traditional rafts, taking the boat rides as a couple or in groups and, occasionally, yachting. The boat rides are more preferred since it allows for passage through the usually narrow valleys and channels in between the rocks and promotes a better view of the calm lakes and waterfalls along the way. Visitors may go and explore this maze of water and rock wonders anytime, especially during summer when the surrounding colors are more vivid.