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Historical buildings hidden in heart of Fuzhou

The group of buildings Three Workshops and Seven Lanes is located in the heart of the city's commercial center.

One of the well preserved family homes at the Three Workshops and Seven Lanes site.

Although the area has been renovated, some of the oldest buildings are over three centuries old.

For tourists to Fuzhou, capital city of southeast China's Fujian province, there is the oft dismissed area of the Three Workshops and Seven Lanes, an area that has been invaded by commercial development but one still rich in ancient beauty.

Located in the heart of Fuzhou's commercial center, the site consists of historical buildings dating back to the Ming dynasty, and it is said to be one of the best preserved architectural wonders in China. The ancient housing in this area was entirely authentic until the restoration project that began six years ago.


Now with a mix of original and imitation, the site has become a haven for tourists. On both sides of the overlapping pedestrian lanes, there are shops selling traditional Fujian lacquer handicrafts and Chinese paintings.

In addition to a number of key family homes of well-known Chinese scholars, there is an extensively refurbished museum with exhibitions on the history of the complex over the past three centuries.

Although this area has been somewhat ruined by commercial development, the remaining time-weathered buildings never disappoint tourists with a keen eye.