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Dayushan Island in Ningde, one of China's top 10 most beautiful islands

Summer's here and with that comes camping opportunities galore. Are you planning a mountain camping trip but feeling clueless? In Fujian, there are lots of mountains and hills, some of which are suitable for camping. However, Dayushan Island stands out for its exceptional natural conditions.
Situated in the southeast sea off Fuding City (福鼎市), Ningde City (宁德市) of Fujian, Dayushan Island (大嵛山岛) is a part of four tourist attractions of Taimu Mountain (太姥山). The island, known for its epitome of green hills, crystal clear lakes, vast grassland and peaceful deep blue sea, is ranked as one of China's top 10 most beautiful islands by Chinese National Geography Magazine.
Dayushan Island in Ningde, Fujian, China
The island, 7.7 kilometres from east to west and 2.76 kilometres from north to south, covers an area of 21.5 square kilometers and a coastline of 31.97 kilometres. The island has 36 bays, large and small, and 20 hills of varying heights.
As the highest island in Fujian, the island reaches 541.4 metres above sea level. At 200 metres above sea level, there are two natural lakes which are about 1,000 metres apart. Fed by their springs, the lakes never run dry and their clear water is sweet. Holidaymakers can often see turtles emerge from the lake for a rest. The surrounding hill slopes are quite gentle, with occasional patches of reed plants.
The green hills, blue waters and rocks together present a charming natural picture. There are large tracts of grassland too, covering 600 hectares in total. These features give the island the name 'Magic Island in the East China Sea', 'Tianshan Mountain in South China' and 'Sky Lake in the Sea'.
Travel tips:
- Bring with you a backpack, sleeping bag, tent, fishing tackle and mountain shoes.
- Don't swim in the rivers, because they are complex and dangerous.
- Pay attention so you don’t get sunburned on the island. Take sunglasses and sunscreen.
- If you want to barbecue there, you need to bring with you a full set of barbecue tools and accessories.
- There are few vegetables there, so you need to bring some fiber-rich foods as a substitute, like fruits and nuts.
- If you prefer to eat with your friends while sitting on the vast grassland, make sure that you have an ample food supply and bring tableware.
- Bring with you a first-aid kit in case of need.
How to get there:
1). Self-driving: Fuxia Expressway - Funing Expressway - Funing Expressway Sansha Exit Sansha Town (三沙镇) - Guzhen Dock (古镇码头) - Take a ferry (about 40 minutes) to the island.
2). Take a bullet train: Get to Xiapu from Ximen Railway Station, take a taxi to Guzhen Dock, take a ferry (about 40 minutes) there.
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3). Use a travel agent:
Renting a van with driver is the next best alternative.

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