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Xita Village, one of China's grape valleys in Fu'an, Ningde


A panoramic view of Xita Village, one of China's grape valleys in Fu'an, Ningde


If you are innovative in traveling, it's easy to holiday in style. Water, mountains, sea, all are common in summer. What about a leisure farm in the countryside? A tranquil and peaceful village with vast vineyard, pristine She culture and crystal clean streams is awaiting you in grape valley in Fu'an (福安), Ningde (宁德).
Xita Village (溪塔), one of Fujian's most charming villages where the She Minority (畲族) people live, is the birthplace of the She clans that are surnamed Lan () in Fujian.
An ethnic She girl dressed in traditional costume in Ningde, Fujian.
Located in Fu'an, Ningde, the village covers an area of about 20,000 square metres and has 626 residents in 126 households.
Aside from the She Nationality, the village is also renowned for its vitis davidii (a.k.a Chinese Bramble Grape or Davids Rebe), a species of grape with thorns. Vitis davidii is a kind of vital fruit that needs no fertilizer or pesticide. The local villagers plant vitis davidii trees along Xiu Stream (秀溪) and Zhan Stream (詹溪). The grape trellises stretch 5 kilometres in total.
The fertile land produces large quantity of high-quality vitis davidii every year and has become one of the three grape valleys in China.
The vineyard is not only a paradise for gardeners, but also the children on vacation. It is wonderful to go through the trellised walkways and walk across the shallow streams under the shade. The period from late July to September is  harvest time for vitis davidii, so you can take home bags of fresh vitis davidii.
The local customs of the She Minority are some of the reasons that people flock to the countryside. However, the rolling vineyards and beautiful scenery make it special and fun and will surely add to your further enjoyment.
How to get there:

1). Self-driving: Drive along Shenhai Expressway, turn left in Xiabaishi Town (下白石镇) to S302 Provincial Road to Muyang Town (穆阳镇), take a taxi to Xita.
2). Take a bullet train: Go to Xiapu, Fuding or Ningde Station from Ximen Railway Station, take a taxi there.
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3). Use a travel agent:
Renting a van with a driver is the next best alternative. 

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