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More on Subic Bay

There are lots of Subic beaches, whilst they are not in the same category as the white sand beaches in Boracay, they most definitely have there own unique attractions. The most obvious is the convenience. The majority of the resort style hotels on the beach strip near Barrio Barretto are right on the beach, the rooms are literally overlooking the Subic beaches and continue on over the secluded Subic Bay. A fantastic way to wake up in the morning and a glorious way to spend your evening.


There are some beaches inside the Subic Bay Freeport area which have small huts and volleyball and basketball courts, but to me they are a bit sterile. The authorities have almost created an area and control the amount of people who go there, you even have to pay a small fee for the privilege. For me a beach has a romantic feel and attachment, Subic beaches should be there for anyone to come and enjoy and use, carefree and relaxed like the Filipino people who call Subic beaches home.

There are numerous attractions that draw people from far and wide to visit Subic Bay and Subic beaches are just one small part. Other attractions include:


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Scuba Diving

Subic Bay has some of the best wreck diving in the Philippines, with all the wrecks only a short distance by boat from the dive shops. Also being in a large secluded bay it is not affected by the swell of the rolling South China Sea.

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

This type of theme park is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It is a marine park where visitors can get up close and personal with marine creatures people would normally only have the opportunity to see in books or documentaries on television.

You will be amazed by the dolphins, false killer whales and seals, all of which are kept in natural sea pens in Subic Bay. The Subic Bay Ocean Adventure park also has numerous aquariums keeping local invertebrates and marine fish species, keep an eye out for everyone??s favourite, Nemo or Occelaris Clownfish (Amphiprion Occelaris).

The Subic Bay Ocean Adventure also educates you on the issues facing the marine environment and how you can make a difference. Conservation is a running theme which the back up with replacing and propagating corals and invertebrates to self sustainability. If you have the time it is sure worth a visit.


Zoobic Safari

Well this is not what you might expect to see in Subic Bay or for that matter in the Philippines. Zoobic Safari is a 15 hectare site in the Subic Bay Freeport. If you have ever dreamt of getting real close to tigers in as natural environment as you want to see then this is the place to do it. They have 12 large tigers that roam around a large enclosure a converted jeepney is used to take you on a safari through the tigers, I??m sure everyone will have a flash back of the movie Jurassic Park when they jump into the converted jeepneys.

Apart from the tigers they have a Serpentarium, which is full of an array of reptiles, ranging from all types of lizards, snakes both venomous and non-venomous, turtles and crocodiles. All bound to get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

Other areas have grazing mammals and flightless birds, ostriches and emus. But without a doubt the main attraction is the tigers.

Other Activities

Like most tourist areas you will always find a Golf Curse or two and Subic Bay is no different. Your hotel can always arrange for you to have a hit.

Another good way of discovering the Subic beaches is to hire a banca boat to take you around all the bays and inlets. This is easy to organize as the bancas are always tied up on the beach, ensure you set a price before you leave, this will stop any misunderstanding and spoil an otherwise magical day.

There is some good trekking in the jungle in the Subic Bay Freeport. You have the choice of day trips or overnight hikes. The area is teeming with local wildlife so bring your camera had take as many photos as you can.

Inside the Subic Bay Freeport are some world class restaurants. This is one aspect of Subic Bay that has really improved. You now have an enormous variety of good affordable, well run restaurants.


Getting to Subic Beaches

Getting to Subic Beaches

You are spoilt with choice. Getting to Subic Bay could not be easier and has options for any budget.