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Wellington-NZ Capital City

Wellington, New Zealand??s capital city, is nestled between a beautiful harbour and forested hills.  Wellington is home to national treasures, galleries, museums, boutique shopping, a superb caf¨? and restaurant culture - and great nightlife.  Wellington is compact and easy to navigate on foot.  It combines the sophistication of an international city, with stunning wildlife and nature attractions on its doorstep.

New Zealand Sightseeing - North Island, Wellington Harbour

A capital place for culture

Wellington, known as New Zealand??s arts and culture capital, offers an unmatched blend of culture, heritage, fine food, and lively arts and entertainment.

Surrounded by hills and a rugged coastline, the city boasts a stunning harbour. Wellington??s charm is that it serves up a vibrant inner city experience with a slice of New Zealand scenery. And because of its compact nature, you can sample it all - boutique shopping, art galleries, trendy cafes and restaurants. Right on its doorstep is a network of walking and biking trails with beautiful wineries and vineyards just a few hours away.

Wellington is a city that brims with energy and vitality, it offers an almost overwhelming array of theatre, music, dance, fine arts and galleries and museums. It also home to one of the nation??s key attractions, the museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, which is recognised as a world leader of interactive and innovative museum experiences.

Wellington offers a unique mix of experiences few cities could lay claim to. With so many options at your fingertips, you??ll need at least three days to slip into the groove of this amazing place. 

Where is it?

Wellington is at the southern tip of the North Island, separated from the South Island by Cook Strait. 


How do I get there?

Wellington is easily accessible by all road, rail and ferry routes.  It is an hour??s flight from anywhere in New Zealand.

When is the best time to go?

Wellington is a complete destination, with outdoor events and activities, nature, arts and culture available year round.