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Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Ipoh is also known as san seng which means "city surrounded by mountains" in Cantonese. Ipoh is located in the rich tin bearing valley of the Kinta River. Also, known as the City of Bougainvillaea, Ipoh is a bustling city with many outstanding architectural attractions. It is also the place to sample some of the best Chinese food in Malaysia. The older part of Ipoh is centred on the Kinta River, where old Chinese and colonial buildings may be found. The city has now expanded into the new quarter, which also has some old shophouses, and is the livelier business district. There are limestone cave temples on the outskirts of the city that are well worth a visit.

Summary of places To Visit - Places of note in Ipoh are the Railway Station and City Hall, the High Court and Shanghai and Hong Kong Bank buildings, St Michael's School, The State Mosque, the Japanese Gardens, and the D.R Seenivasagam Park. The Geological Museum and the Darul Ridzuan Museum are also both worth a visit.


Kellie's Castle - Kellie's Castle which is the deserted mansion of an eccentric English planter,in Batu Gajah, half an hour's drive from Ipoh city centre. Its main appeal lies in the belief that it is haunted and that secret passages leading to hidden chambers exist.


Sam Poh Tong - Sam Poh Tong (Cavern of Triple Gems) which is a Chinese temple is located at Gunung Rapat, built within a gigantic limestone cave. It has a popular attraction, a gigantic tortoise pond where it houses hundreds of tortoises (a symbol of longevity) of various sizes (a few giant tortoises too)


Kek Lok Tong - Kek Lok Tong (Cavern of Ultimate Bliss) a cave temple that lies on the other side of the same range of limestone hills as Sam Po Tong but only accessible through Gunung Rapat housing area. Hence, Kek Lok Tong has a cleaner, quieter and more cooling environment and has the best scenic cave view.


Perak Tong (Perak Cave) - Perak Tong (Perak Cave) is located at Gunung Tasek and houses over 40 Buddha statues, has a steep, tall staircase in the interior of the cave rising up to the top of its hill where one is greeted by a beautiful and panoramic view of Ipoh and its surroundings. The statue of Buddha in Perak Tong is the tallest and largest of its kind in Malaysia. Both Perak Tong and Sam Po Tong temples have decent vegetarian food. Perak Tong was built in 1926 by a Buddhist priest from China.


Muzium Darul Ridzuan - Muzium Darul Ridzuan is an interesting historical museum of Perak, located in a pretty former tin-mining tycoon's mansion near the Anglo-Indian railway station.


Natural hotspring - There is one natural hotspring located at tambun and is just 10 minutes drive from Ipoh. One can enjoy and relax while soaking in the hotspring. It is believed that it will give your body a good health treatment. The water there is so hot that it can even boil an egg.


Hill climbing - Hill climbing. One can climb the Menglembu Hill in Menglembu, near Ipoh. Once in the half way climbing to the top, you can see the awe-inspiring limestone outcrops and caves that surround Ipoh.


White-water rafting - River Kampar offers great excitement with its relatively safe rapids.


Gua Tempurung or Tempurung Caves - Gua Tempurung or Tempurung Caves, Perak's best kept secret, is a must visit if you are an adventurous person. It is located at Gopeng, just 24km south of Ipoh. There are many unique and fascinating limestone formations in the cave. There are a few challenging cave exploration packages that are very exciting where you need to climb, crawl and slide.


Ulu Geroh - Be an ecotourist and experience the rainforest by going to Ulu Geroh, an Orang Asli kampung about one hour's drive into the hills east of Gopeng (25 km south of Ipoh). The last half of the ride is along a rough road (4x4 prefered) through rubber, durian and oil palm plantations to the village on the edge of the rainforest. Guides from the Orang Asli community take visitors to see the parasitic Rafflesia flower (the largest flower in the world) and the Raja Brooke's Birdwing butterfly as well as other forest bugs, plants, etc. There's also a small but beautiful waterfall.