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Lake Kizaki, Nagano Area

Lake Kizaki (???é??, Kizaki-ko?) is a lake, situated near Omachi, Nagano Prefecture, Honsh¨±, Japan, and located at the foot of the northern Japanese Alps mountain range. Mesotrophic and subalpine in nature, numerous lakeside attractions surround the lake, with the locale being a popular Japanese lakeside resort. Kizaki is also part of the Nishina Three Lakes, which include Lake Aoki and Lake Nakatsuna.

Lake Kizaki was also the setting for the anime series, Onegai Teacher (also known as Please Teacher!), and its sequel, Onegai Twins (also known as Please Twins!), with the lake and its surrounding regions being featured prominently and accurately within both series.


Lake Kizaki has a maximum length of 2.7km and a maximum width of 1.2 km, with the altitude of its surface reaching 764 meters and its catchment being 22 square kilometers

Nagano Area

Nagano area is surrounded by beautiful mountains situated in Joshinetsu National Park with Zenkoji Plain, the merging point of the Chikuma River and the Sai River in the center. Rich in cultural assets and historical sites, it developed mainly around Nagano City, the prefectural capital.

Nagano City, the home of Zenkoji Temple, first developed as a temple town. Even Kawanakajima which is famous with its old battlefield, and Matsushiro, the Sanada Jumangoku castle town, have become part of the city that has a population of 350,000 today. The town of storehouses, Suzaka City, is a castle town that has retained its old appearance. Koshoku City is the "Apricot Country" of Japan. There are a lot more tourist resorts such as Obuse, the town of Japanese chestnuts and Hokusai (a famous Ukiyoe artist), Minamishiga Onsen Village, Togura Kamiyamada Onsen, Iizuna Highlands, Kurohime Highlands, Lake Nojiri etc.

With manufacturing industries such as electrical machinery, general machinery, food-stuff and printing as its main industry, value added agriculture, forestry and various kind of industries are also expanding in this area. As the host city of the 1998 Olympic Winter Games, the international exchange of culture and sports are expected to grow even further.