Italy fines tourist for buying fake goods on their home soil

Update:08 Jun 2010
An illegal seller carries fake designer bags Photo: REX. Tourists buying fake
designer goods on holiday in Italy have been warned to think twice
after a woman was fined 1000 euros (£825) for buying a handbag.
Austrian pensioner Ursula Corel, 65, was spotted handing over seven euros for a Louis Vuitton handbag copy from a street vendor.
She was spotted by the officers as they scanned crowds with high powered binoculars from a lifeguards watch tower in the resort of Jesolo, near Venice.
Hotel owners worried that tourists will be put off visiting Jesolo on holiday have clubbed together to help pay Mrs Corel's fine.
A spokesman for the Jesolo Hoteliers Association said: "We understand what the mayor is trying to do but at the same time there should be more communication with tourists explaining the risks they run and there are no signs warning they face fines if they buy from street vendors.
"We would like to apologise to the Austrian lady in question and assure her that members are more than willing to contribute and help pay off the fine."
Mrs Corel said: "I bought the bag because it looked very nice and of course I knew it was fake but I had no idea I was committing an offence there were no signs warning me."
Centre right mayor Francesco Calzavara said: "If it takes fines of this level to stop this sort of think taking place then so be it. Tourists coming to Jesolo should think twice about buying fake goods from street vendors."
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