Travel tips on making hot dates for your next holiday

Update:28 Jun 2010
BREAK the language barrier and crash the culture clash as Lonely Planet reveal their top tips on how to have a hot holiday romance.
Airport action
If you're looking to meet people on the road, don't forget about airports. There's often a voyeuristic buzz about departure lounges - with everyone having time to burn before an impending flight, an easy-out from an uncomfortable conversation ('alright, well, my flight's leaving soon…') and the confidence that the security process has kept out the true nut jobs.
If you want to meet someone in an airport, sitting at the bar is an obvious choice. Also, don't listen to your iPod. Instead charge it or your cellphone at those charging stations, where we stand awkwardly siphoning juice with nothing to do. But talk. Or hang out by bizarre and goofy souvenirs, looking for a chance to make sly comment about a t-shirt that might kick-off a conversation with that someone you're spying on. - Robert Reid
British love

If you're keen to hook up with a Brit the best strategy is to appear hopelessly exotic and aloof. You see, we're used to people visiting from overseas and fawning over our accents and asking lots of questions about Prince William - who incidentally yes we do all know well - so you need to try something different. Being from an exciting country is a good start. Next, you might wish to try showing no interest at common British chat-up lines - losing to you at sport, cooking bad meals and buying you pints of warm beer. - Tom Hall
Dating dangers

Single in Japan? Best to dodge sweeping brooms you may encounter. Apparently a single woman who has had her feet swept by a broom will never marry.
- Sarah Wintle
Love and games

After dating, the Finns can look forward to a tradition of Wife-Carrying Championships held in Sonkajarvi. Races include piggyback, fireman's carry (over the shoulder), or the old favourite where the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around the husband's shoulders, holding onto his waist. The prize? The wife's weight in beer. - Sarah Wintle
Dancing dream

In Sweden, romantic maypole dancing still takes place during midsummer festivities but meeting online is much more de rigueur these days. And in much of Latin America, dance is the expression of connection but you don't have to be dating your partner for a spot of 'dirty dancing.'
- Sarah Wintle
Gay holidays

Ever wondered how the word 'lesbian' evolved? This September, the Greek island of Lesvos - birthplace of love poet Sappho - plays host to the 10th International Women's Festival. For the boys, Mykonos is the place to be. Or head to the USA in June for Gay Pride Month in New York and Portland's Gay Pride Parade. - Sarah Wintle
Chinese outhouses

In the remote Jinman Village, 40km north along the Nu River in Yunnan, Southwest China, parents build an 'outhouse' for daughters who reach puberty. These outhouses are the sleeping quarters of women who are free to entertain suitors each night. If you manage to sing and sweet talk your way into spending the night, be aware that it's a strict 'no hands anywhere below the waist' policy...otherwise, anything goes.
If the relationship gets serious, the boy offers the girl a few hundred RMB as a dowry of sorts. If she accepts, he proceeds to ask her parents for permission to marry her. Rice wine, dancing and 'below the waist' festivities ensue! - Shawn Low
Dating Med style

There's amor galore in Italy. Travellers may find themselves courted with red roses whether in Rome or Naples. Floating in a gondola around Venice has been disregarded by locals, but punting through the labyrinth of canals remains a sure hit for the international dating set. Italy makes lovers coo, but local lovey doveys still need to get the tick of approval from nonna (grandma) before anything more serious is likely to eventuate.
- Sarah Wintle
Thai love

Thais don't date exclusively and tend to have a few potentials on the go. In the international world of dating, it's a case of being in-the-know. - Sarah Wintle
Greek signals

If you're seeking idyllic beaches and the ideal partner in Greece, it's worth noting that Greeks have their own distinctive body language - 'yes' is a swing of the head, and the curt raising of the head or eyebrows means 'no.' - Sarah Wintle
Timor brothels

Sure, my own first date in East Timor didn't exactly start well when I realised that the restaurant/karaoke bar I was being taken to was a front for a brothel (these days the booths are gone and it really is a restaurant with karaoke). Happily the Timorese date in much better style: think written down love messages being read out on the local radio station. Once the dating's done, it's down to business, and for many, love ain't cheap. A friend had to give up on making the love of his life his wife when her family asked him for US$ 7000 to seal the deal. - Jayne D'Arcy
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