TripAdvisor poll: London food ranks the worst in Europe

Update:13 Jul 2010
London is the worst place in Europe to find something tasty to eat, a new Europe-wide survey has found.
In fact, Britain is the last place you should visit if you're looking for good food, according to the travel poll - Liverpool was voted as having the second-worst cuisine and Birmingham the third worst.
London was judged as having the worst food in Europe but it was also voted
the most exciting city and the easiest to get around.
Although our capital city was voted the most exciting European city, it was also considered the most expensive and there was bad news for Birmingham too, which was voted the second-most unattractive city, with Krakow in Poland being the least attractive.
However, London was considered the easiest city to get around and having been voted the dirtiest city in a similar survey last year, it was considered one of the cleaner cities this year.
London was also rated the third-safest city, with the Swiss cities of Geneva and Zurich taking the top two positions in the poll by TripAdvisor.
Not much of a looker: Birmingham didn't fare well when it came to aesthetic appeal.
Rome was considered to have the best cuisine and the Italian capital was also voted the most attractive and the worst to get around.
The most dangerous city was Istanbul, the cleanest was Zurich, the best value was Lisbon and the dirtiest was Athens.
TripAdvisor spokesman Emma O'Boyle said: 'Europe's cities all have their highs and lows, but it's great that London has been crowned the most exciting.
'And with the London Olympics only two years away it's encouraging to see the fundamental issues of safety and transport already scoring highly with visitors.'
Flavour of the month: Rome came out top for food but was voted the worst city to get around.
Sally Chatterjee, CEO of Visit London, said: 'We're delighted that London has been voted the most exciting city in Europe.
'Whilst old perceptions remain about British cuisine, they don't reflect the reality which is that London is now home to the best chefs and restaurants on the planet.
'The hugely successful London Restaurant Festival was a big hit with Londoners and visitors alike last year and will hit the same heights again this autumn.'
SOURCE: Daily Mail
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