Top 10 must-eat food at Shanghai World Expo

Update:14 Oct 2010
There are a few more days left until the World Expo in Shanghai ends. For those who are still aiming to catch the final weeks of the Expo, instead of lining up for hours to enter the pavilions, why not simply enjoy the food experience while you are already inside? Here are the top 10 "not to be missed" food at the World Expo (according to various people who have been there already). If you can not go out-of-the-country that often, tasting the yummy snacks at the World Expo could be enough.
1. Fresh and crisp Belgian fries by Chez Leon
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Northwest of Belgium-European Union
RMB 20 per person
These fries are dipped in a thick concoction of cheese and mayonnaise.
2. Meals from Czech Restaurant
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Czech Pavilion
RMB 150 per person
German beer is said to be the best; but they said once you have tried beer from the Czech Republic, you would think otherwise. The beer consumption per person in Czech Republic is 215 liters per year. Germany is only second at 134 liters per year.
3. Seafood from the Norwegian Pavilion Restaurant: Love From The Norwegian Sea
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Norwegian Pavilion, 1st Floor
RMB 250 per person
Norway's fishing industry is extremely well-know. The world’s best salmon comes from Norway. The Chinese have a saying–the way Norwegian salmon is prepared is "有两把刷子" or is really, really good.
Besides salmon, their cod fish is also said to be promising.
4. Turkish ice cream, also called "Dondurman"
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Turkish Pavilion, Exit
RMB 25 per person
People are attracted to how the ice cream is made (or performed) by the ice cream man.
5. Spanish Pavilion: Pedro Larumbe Restaurant
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Spanish Pavilion, 1st floor
RMB 200 per person
The Iberico ham has a unique wine aroma resulting from it being cured in wine for a long time (3 years).
6. Takoyak (Octopus Balls)
Address: Puxi, Zone D, Southwest of Japanese Industrial Pavilions
RMB 35 per person
These small octopus balls come from Osaka. They are wrapped in soft, almost crunchy wrappers, and when bitten, the insides are super hot with sweet and chili flavors mixed together.
Unfortunately, queue time is especially long. Unless you are really craving for authentic takoyaki balls, you might lose your appetite in the end.
7. Porterhouse Irish Pub
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Near Belgium-European Union
RMB 80 per person
Compared to food, Ireland is actually better known for their beer (but you can also get set meals in Porterhouse). Though heard that it is almost always sold out (probably due to intentionally limiting the supply?).
8. Austrian Pavilion: Ewald's Cafe
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Austrian Pavilion, 2nd floor
RMB 200 per person
Price is on the expensive side. And you could say the meal above is just breaded pork chop or tonkatsu (in Japan). But the Austrian Pavilion’s version uses slightly less oil with a bowl of salad to go with it and paired with Austrian wheat beer or ginger ale–a perfect match so to say.
9. Le Restaurant Ecole Institut Paul Bocuse
Address: Puxi, Urban Best Practices Area, Rhône-Alpes Pavillon, 4th Floor
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 8.30pm (reservations required)
RMB 300 per person
Luxurious French cuisine that makes you want to return to the time of King Louie XIV. Enjoy foie gras, grilled cod, and others. This is said to be better than the Michelin-starred 6sens found at the French Pavilion.
10. Hakuna Matata African Restaurant
Address: Pudong, Zone C, Near Joint Africa Pavilion and Italian Pavilion
The unique African cuisine is not too bad actually. Ostrich meat is very lean and can conjure similar tastes coming from juicy beef. The restaurant looks simple on the outside, yet on the second floor there is an amazing buffet spread of grilled lamb chops, steak, salmon, etc., cooked by an Ethiopian chef.
SOURCE: CN Reviews


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