Fujian First GPS Buses to Monitor Safety

Update:03 Feb 2007

2007 Spring Festival is approaching. Recently, Fujian Auto Transportation Company has its 120 commercial passenger coaches equipped with global positioning system or GPS to have a timely monitoring over their carriages of passengers and operation. The company is the first one to install GPS among all the state-owned passenger transportation companies in Fujian. 

A small CCTV camera and satellite receiver is installed over the top of the coach leaving from Fuzhou to Guangzhou. It is said this is to monitor the safety of the passengers as well as the speed and position of the vehicle.

Host computer of GPS is set inside the coach. The system will send alarm to the control center if the coach is found speeding, over-loading, diverting from regulated routes or driving excessively without break.

When the control center receives the alarm, warnings will be sent to the driver through the car phone until wrong doings are corrected. At present, the system is mainly installed to coaches driving in mountainous areas and those bound to Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan and Hainan provinces.

Source: Fujian News Group

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