Real-name registration required to buy train tickets

Update:09 Feb 2007

Inorder to stop illegal syndicates in reselling train tickets in black market, Rail Authority in Xiamen has brought out a new ticket sale system.

Xiamen Railway Police began to try real-name registration for selling tickets, and all ticket offices subordinate to Xiamen Railway Station should observe this provision.

To promote the real-name registration, all ticket offices arranged special staff to help explain procedures for the registration. When buying tickets, the buyers should show their ID cards and queuing cards to clerks, who will record their ticket numbers on queuing cards.

Reports say, real-name registration will also be applied to group buying of tickets by Xiamen enterprises. Each ticket for the group buying should have the seal of an enterprise stamped on the back, with the name and ID number of the train taker indicated.

Currently, 26 ticket offices subordinate to Xiamen Railway Station have signed "Responsibility Warrant" with the Railway Police, so as to ensure that each ticket would be sold through on real-name registration. In case that any ticket was found to be sold at higher price, the Railway Police would disqualify the responsible ticket office.

Source: Fujian Media Group

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