Longyan's Gutian strives to establish a National 5A Tourist Attraction

Update:27 May 2014

Members of the association and staff of Gutian’s tourist attraction play a game together to enhance teamwork. [Photo by Longyan Municipal Tourism Bureau]

On May 10, 2014, the Tourist Guide Association in Longyan City launched a non-profit program, themed as “Loving Tourism and Nature and promoting 5A Tourist Attractions”.

Over 100 people, including members of the association and staff of Gutian’s tourist attraction, participated in the event.

1. Providing training for better service Invited by the association, the best tour guides from Xiamen provided training for staff in Gutian’s tourist attraction with rich theories and practical experience. The training stressed putting people first, highlighted people-oriented and detail-based service skills, and also covered a discussion on red-tourism. Such efforts enlarged the trainees’ knowledge, improved the service quality of the whole team, comprehensively upgraded Gutian tourism, and pushed it a step forward as a National 5A Tourist Attraction.

2. Preserving the ecology for a better environment While appreciating the beautiful scenery, members of the association picked up discarded rubbish on the road, such as cans, banana peel, and waste paper. Their actions were boosted with the active participation of many tourists. Such efforts beautified the scenic area, improved the image of the tourist guides in environmental protection and also guided the tourists to protect the environment and mind their behavior.

3. Interactive activities for better communication On the square of Gutian’s tourist attraction, campaign participants played games, which enhanced the communication and teamwork among tour guides and promoted the development of the tourist attraction.

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