Low-fare airline HK Express inaugurates direct flights from HK to Ningbo

Update:05 Aug 2014

Hong Kong-based budget airline HK Express has begun direct flights between Ningbo and Hong Kong on August 2.

HK Express is a budget airline serving cheap tickets to flyers. Typically, one-way air fare from Ningbo to Hong Kong ranges from RMB 300 yuan to RMB 500 yuan, and the total amount of taxes and surcharges is RMB 245 yuan, which means a single flight from Ningbo to Hong Kong costs only RMB 545 yuan to RMB 745 yuan. The president of HK Express promised the ticket price of their flights from Ningbo to Hong Kong would be 30% lower than usual flights. Passengers can purchase tickets on the official website of HK Express or through ticket agencies.

The daily direct flight departing from Ningbo and arriving in Hong Kong is U01319, and the direct flight from Hong Kong and arriving in Ningbo every day is U01318.

Notably, on most budget flights, passengers whose baggage exceed the free baggage allowance of 10 kilograms will have to pay baggage fees and all food on the flight must be purchased and is not complimentary.

SOURCE: www.whatsonningbo.com

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