Ningbo - Chongqing bullet trains to open in this December

Update:25 Nov 2014

The Hangzhou-Changsha high-speed railway is scheduled to open on December 10 with 54 pairs of expected to navigate the new railway line. The tickets for the Hangzhou-Changsha high-speed trains will go on sale starting November 25.

Meanwhile, in response to the opening of the Hangzhou-Changsha high-speed railway, the national railway network diagram will be adjusted and a pair of bullet trains running between Ningbo Station and North Chongqing Station - trains D658/6 - will be added as the first pair of through-trains running between the two cities.

The D658/6 trains are expected to cut the travel time from Ningbo to Chongqing to about 14 hours, saving about 18 hours compared to before. The tickets for second-class seats will be around RMB 550.

Besides, in response to the adjustment of the national railway network diagram, ticket bookings for trains departing after November 10, 2014 will be shelved until November 25. Passengers can log on to the national railway website or call 12306 to get more information.

SOURCE: Apple Travel

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