China's airlines to axe domestic fuel surcharge for domestic flights

Update:05 Feb 2015

 Flying will soon be cheaper for air passengers as many Chinese airlines are expected to cancel fuel surcharges for domestic flights starting February 5th. 
According to Ctrip, the largest travel service provider in China, Xiamen Airlines and Lucky Air have announced the cancelation of the fuel surcharge for flights issued starting on February 5th. Insiders predict many other domestic airlines will announce the cancelation of their fuel surcharges as well in the next two days. 
The cancelation of the fuel surcharge was promoted by the continuous drop of international oil prices. 
Following the fuel surcharge cancelation, air passengers will only need to pay the flight ticket price and 50 yuan for the Civil Aviation Development Fund. 
The Terminal 4 building of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport was put into service on December 28th, and the functions of the T3 and T4 buildings are as follows: 
T3: Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hebei Airlines, international flights, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong-bound flights 
T4: Other domestic flights 
Xiamen airport shuttle bus service (5:10-21:40) 
5:10-20:00: a bus every 10 minutes 
20:00-21:40: a bus every 20 minutes 


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