Foreign foods popular in Quanzhou, Fujian

Update:02 Mar 2007

Though for some reason a choice is placed between foreign made products and Chinese products, despite the similarity in quality, foreign products are preferred. In a recent survey, it has been shown that foreign branded products are preferred by the Chinese customers.

When come to foods especially, many Quanzhou people favour imported foods over locally produced or local brands.

The increase in foreign-food franchised shops is hard evidence. On the bustling streets of Quanzhou, these shop signs are a real eye-catcher. Sold in the shops are various foreign foods, with delicate packages and instructions in foreign languages. These foods are mostly imported from Japan, South Korea and the U.S., some are transited from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Compared with domestic foods, the foreign foods have novel package and are finely made. Some citizens said they like the special taste of foreign foods. According to the shopkeeper, though the foreign foods are priced higher, many people are patrons, rich families, white collars and students in particular. Besides taste, many customers trust in food safety of foreign products. That is another major reason for the popularity of foreign foods.


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