Update:30 Apr 2007

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Malcolm Sanders

28 April 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

What an embarassment for the wonderful people of Thailand. A total monstrosity and agree with previous reviews. Grey, stained concrete with wires, tapes etc hanging from the ceiling. Floors that are either very slippery or broken marble tiles after just a few weeks. The signposting is awful, distances terrible for walking. Metal ramps in the gate areas make this feel like a real cattle market. Oh, and no facilities once you are herded into the gate areas. Assume this is Thai Government corruption gone mad, as well as the architect who should be barred from ever putting pen to paper again. Hong Kong and Singapore need not worry about another Asian hub, as passengers will surely avoid this teribble dump on future trips - I will for one!

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Jacob Pfleger

28 April 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Flew in from Australia and back a few weeks later. On the way in, the walk from Pier C (Thai Airways) to immigration is a good 20 minutes and after a 9 hour flight that is not the best way to be invited into a new country. Baggage information signs change very rapidly between Thai and english so it is very hard to find out which carousel your bags are located on. The airport overall is not very inviting - grey and concrete with wires showing from the celing, some colour would be great. It cannot be compared to airports like SIN or HKG.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by R Fortune

25 April 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Very flash airport spoiled by incredibly long distances between check- in, transit and gates; also very expensive duty free prices. Otherwise comfortable and has free wireless connectivity.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Ajay Sharma

20 April 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

I noticed un-uniform temperature control and lack of sitting area. Why on earth they designed this airport with glasses all over trapping all the sunlight specially knowing that Bangkok is hottest in the world at its class size. They have tried their best to put AC vents wherever possible to keep the temperature uniform in this ¡°giant greenhouse¡± but there are certain spots in the airport where the temp seems to be well above 85 degrees. Unless they do some major modification they will need to pump a whole lot of electricity to keep this airport cool and keep passenger and workers comfortable. Talking about being comfortable there are hardly any common areas where you can sit in main area of the terminal. Don't get me wrong; there ARE places to sit there but only in the eateries and restaurants. I am sure they would want to you order something if just go and attempt to take a sit there. However, if you just want to sit back and rest doing nothing then you have to be at your designated gate area by passing through security. Not an ideal solution if you have to transit for several hours. Same with Internet!! You buy something to eat and you get a free wireless code with your receipt. At least this actually is reasonable since most of the other big airports do charge you for wireless access. I did not know which carousel my luggage was going to arrive since my flight was not listed on the screen and there was nobody to ask to. Don¡¯t know if they simply ran out of space in the screen or just forgot to list major international flight. Things I liked are the eateries that are in the middle of the shopping areas suited for travelers on the go. No cheap fast food chains her!! Yet. Check-in area is huge similar to Narita and looks like they can handle high volume passengers.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by G Lazaro

10 April 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Arrived and departed here a couple of times in the past week. I guess it depends on the time of the day, but immigration took 40 minutes one evening after arrival but only 5 minutes during one afternoon. Signs are a bit confusing though as mentioned previously. The taxis and the airport buses heading downtown leave on the bottom level. There is a floor of restaurants on the middle level between the arrivals and check- in areas. Also, once past immigration, lots of shopping and restaurants that you'll have to walk through on the way to your gate. However, after security and at your gate, absolutely nothing to do but admire the poor lighting and concrete structure. Check-in for JAL and Druk Airlines went fairly smoothly, except I still had to pay the departure tax which wasn't included at the time of purchase. Cheap internet terminals are available throughout the terminal. Had to be bussed to and from our aircraft for my Druk Airlines flights. It definitely doesn't live up to the other Asian airports such as Hong Kong, Incheon, or Kansai but keep your expectations low and overall it seems OK.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Geoff Hudson

10 April 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

I found the airport easy to navigate. Helpful staff. Would not recommend duty free purchasing as prices very high.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Seamus Gould

1 April 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

The new airport of BKK needs some signs. Trying to find my way around was difficult but there were some helpful staff around to point the way. The airport could also use some better lighting. I had a feeling of being in a warehouse as the building is all about concrete. The Thai business lounge is ok but the food needs to be labeled.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by F Chan

31 March 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

I have used this airport more than a dozen times since it was opened, both for domestic and international travel. More than half the time, the aircraft was parked at a remote bay, requiring a lengthy bus transfer. This is unacceptable for a new major international air hub. Shopping is very good, and there are more than enough food & beverage outlets.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by D Moncrieff

29 March 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Have just flown through the new Bangkok airport and was not impressed. Arrival took over 10 minutes for aircraft to get to stand. Very long walk to immigration in semi darkness - some of the sections very poorly lit. Long queues at immigration. Had to wait another 30 minutes for luggage. Sign posts poor eg where do I get a taxi - its on the basement. Departure check in was efficient and relatively fast. Went through to departures and came out into a shopping centre. Long walk to find one of the very limited seats available. Once through security there is NOTHING, though the gate does have a water fountain. The air conditioning in the shoppoing area is pleasant but it was far too warm in the rest of the terminal - guess this is to try and persuade you to shop more. Seems such a shame that they had got it so wrong

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Larry Weaver

29 March 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

The new airport is just fine. Expect some walking. Very cheap snack food and beer. Information assistance and customs patient and helpful. Airport clean and cool. Only problem was taxi touts that overcharged me. I was new and tired from flying. Only accept metered taxis, no excuses. Everything as safe and courteous.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Martin Walker

24 March 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Bangkok's new prestigious hub. Looks nice, even attractive. But does this large single terminal airport actually work? Well, my first experience was fine. I flew in from Hanoi, and after a lengthy transfer bus ride to the terminal was outside in a taxi within half an hour. My second experience was leaving. I had an economy night flight with Thai (TG910) to London. The flight was scheduled to leave at 0035hrs. I arrived at the airport at 2130 leaving, I thought, plenty of time for the preflight proceedings. When I entered the terminal I entered a heaving sea of humanity. Meeters and greeters mixed up with people trying to find the right check in queue. For ALL Thai international flights check in rows are H and J. Thus many hundreds of passengers are milling and queuing to check in in a relatively confined area; so many people in fact that most of signage was obscured by bodies. I found and joined my check in queue; and queued for nearly one and a half hours just to check in. There were so many people queuing, so many hot bodies, that the floor-standing aircon was overpowered and we all sweated. It was most uncomfortable. Eventually, at 2255, I had my boarding pass and proceeded to Passport Control. Here I waited, shuffling forward bit by bit in one of the many queues, for over 35mins. It was now 2330 or so. Boarding time was 2355. I now had to find the departure gate (C1) and go through Security. It's a long walk to the C gates, and time was pressing now. I ignored duty free as I considered I did not have time, and arrived at C's security sweating heavily. I was through here in just 15 mins and went down to the gate, where boarding had just started. I made the fight. But if I had arrived at the airport allowing just two hours for the pre flight proceedings I would have missed it. I have never in my life taken so long to make the gate. This airport looks good; but on the basis of my experience the organisation and management leave a lot to be desired.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Tapani Utunen

24 March 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Flew international-domestic vice versa through BKK Suvarnabhumi in March and the first impression wasn´t good: not enough immigration staff on the counters, complete chaos in luggage delivery plus a very long way to Thai domestic flights, which almost resulted in missing the flight to Chiang Mai despite 4 hrs connecting time. However, the second impression was much better and we found our way from domestic to int´l departures rather quickly. Moreover, I liked their idea of a long shopping street with shops on the sides and cafes+bars in the middle. All in all, BKK Suvarnabhumi seems to lack the efficiency & clarity of KLIA, Singapore Changi and HKG airports and a lot of time is needed between domestic and international flights.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Tim Spooner

24 March 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Terrible white tile floors which are slippery beyond belief in many areas are a constant danger to poor old codgers like me with brittle bones! Thai Royal Silk Lounge still does not label foods, so no idea what you are picking up. Staff don't seem to know or care. If you don't eat pork or beef, this can be a problem. Immigration staff seem to be quick and efficient and definitely starting to smile more. Only the passengers who have not filled in their Arrival/Departure cards seem to slow everybody down. I go through this airport 8 times a year and think it is better than DM.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Jonathan Rose

10 March 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

I fly from Europe to Australia about 5-6 times a year. I have been a loyal Thai customer for years, but thats changing now. This airport is an absolute disaster. Don Muang was aging, but at least it was easy to navigate and had excellent lounges and shopping areas. Suvarnabhumi is unbelievably bad. Despite being a bigger airport, often the plane doesn't deplane directly to the terminal (and I'm talking about 747s and 777s, not smaller regional planes) and you are dropped off in a part of the airport which you then have to walk for 30-40 mins to reach your flight. Thats if you can find your way. The signage is awful, and there's no one around to direct you. The Thai lounge is best compared to a hospital waiting room. This airport is so bad I have started to fly Singapore Airlines in order to avoid it.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Keith Blizard

3 March 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

On landing found it much quicker to clear immigration than Don Muang and luggage retrieval also better. We had to transfer to check in for a domestic flight, the area through to Thai check in was congested and obviously badly designed. When we eventually found the Thai lounge, we were most disappointed. We found it far inferior to the one at Don Muang. For a modern building we were not impressed. Returning for our flight to the UK, check in was easier, they now collect your departure tax at check in now 700 baht. After clearing immigration we were impressed with the food outlets and duty free shops, you would have to arrive early to visit them all. There are numerous problems with runway and taxiway subsidence, and several skywalks are damaged and not operational resulting in many flights being bussed in. There is talk of Don Muang reopening for Domestic flights, but for people with onward connections it is going to add time to their journeys. We pray the faults are rectified before a major incident arises. Thailand deserves better than this!

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Mike Davies

28 February 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

The new airport is a disaster for me. Already overcrowded with flights in and out, it cannot cope with the ever-increasing volume of international and domestic traffic. First - the architecture. Sometimes, my flight doesn't even park at the terminal - there's a connecting bus trip from the aircraft. My wife got lost airside in Suvarnabhumi, due to poor signage and poor communications. The business class lounge, for which I had great expectations, offers no improvement. Landside, Economy check-in seems to be more congested than Don Muang.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Pedro Gil

26 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

New airport looks very nice when you land at night. At daytime already looks old and dirty! It's not passenger friendly. Terrible signing (arrows in opposite directions for the same destination such as a lounge our emigration). In C departure concourse (Thai international) there were only 4 or 5 shops (unless they were hidden somewhere and I couldn't find them.) Boarding was quite chaotic. An interesting fact: Thai authorities are giving "smiling" lessons to immigration officials (who have been total aliens in a country of gentle and smiling people).

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Gordon Sadler

26 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Arrival was good, through immigration and customs in about 45 mins - we were lucky as we were directed to a virtually empty immigration area, whereas the one we were walking towards appeared full and very slow. Coming out today, flying Qatar Airways, we didn't have any trouble in finding the necessary information for checking in. Check in was not too bad, again at immigration we were directed to empty immigration area. Once through I was impressed with airside facilities - shops seemed to go on and on, although checking prices in Jim Thomsons shop - they were more expensive than the prices in his shop in Bangkok, so I don't think there's much element of duty free here. Had time for a snack, and was impressed with the cafe - all the dishes were laid out for you to choose, and you could watch the staff in the kitchen preparing your food. Walk to the gate D6 was quite long, and wouldn't like to do it if in a hurry. Overall using this airport was a nice experience - there are issues.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by D Mcneice

26 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Suvanarabhumi must be one of the worst airports in the world. I have used it twelve times in the last two months. The "helpers" stationed around to assist people have no idea about anything. The airport's lounges are a fifteen minute walk from any plane and the actual departure gate waiting areas are terrible. Whomever it was that designed this "space box" should never be asked to design anything else. Unfortunately it is an embarrassment to the good Thai people.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Richard Waring

26 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Arrived to find most comments made by other accurate. By this I mean very quick immigration (4mins) as was baggage retreval. Did not like the grey concrete walls (surely they could have been painted) or the coils of electric cables coming out of walls and going nowhere. The lighting was also very poor. However, the worst was yet to come. We were transferring to Phuket and arriving at the gate discovered that we were being taken by bus to the plane. The plane was a jumbo (full) and they drove hundreds of us round to the next pier were we had to disembark, walk up a flight of steps in order to enter the plane by snorkel. Why not just tell people to board from the new gate? Arriving back, again we had to get on a bus after landing. Not what you would expect from a brand new airport. Left us wondering if all domestic flights were using buses to transport passengers as we were not the only one's arriving at the terminal by bus.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Jeffrey Leong

26 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

On arrival, I got through immigration and baggage collection within 45 mins. The immigration officer did not seem friendly but did not matter too much to me. For departure, check -in a breeze, especially for business class/first class passengers although there were queues for economy class passengers. The departure tax, which has recently increased from 500 bahts to 700 bahts for international flights, I was pleased that the airport included it in the air fare, so I did not have to pay the additional fee (as we had to previously when we used Don Muang Airport). The airport even has attendants who collected the trolleys for passengers at check in. The signage could be improved. There were well-signed toilets everywhere and the one I used seemed to function well (much to my relief!). Parts of the airport terminal concrete structure made it looked a bit rough and incomplete, but it is a much better airport than I had feared. The air-conditioning worked well even in the intense heat. It may not be the most beautiful airport in the world, but it is certainly not ugly, and at least it works (at least sometimes!).

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by David Chinn

15 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

In and out of BKK from LHR. Previous posts about the "sausage factory" made me crack up - a bit like their taxiways - and the description is apt. Walking distances are high and it does look like a factory: hardly a welcoming environment. On the good side, the queue for immigration inbound was only 5 minutes with lots of desks open and baggage delivery (EVA Air) was quick. Terrible design for the meeting/greeting area outside customs where chaos is a polite term for the frenzy. Shambolic on the road outside arrivals where our car picked us up, but at 4pm it was only a 30 minute trip to Sukhumvit Road. Departing was not as bad as we had feared, although the signage and toilets (especially round the gates) is as bad as everyone says. The proposed transfer of many flights back to Don Muang sort of summarises the whole project and Changi need not be concerned about losing its pre-eminence in the Asian airport hierarchy. Overall, Suvarnabhumi wasn't as bad as we had expected, but it could have been so much better designed/built/launched: fingers crossed it gets better.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Dave Banham

13 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I found the airport to be good. There are many conveyor walk ways and these move very fast. Immigration was a 10 minute wait and I noticed a few people being sent back to get a visa I suspect for stays longer than 28 days from an office around the corner. Luggage arrived promptly and located the taxis by following the signs without any trouble after side stepping a few of the limousine people. Toilets were clean. Plenty of shops. The bus catching area appeared crowded so I did not venture there. Taxi via freeway 260bth to Bangkok including a 50bth booking fee.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Steve Davies

8 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I used the new airport four times during Dec/Jan and found my way around without any problems. My bags arrived quickly, immigration on the way in and check-in on the way out were straightforward & without long queues. There is ample shopping and food outlets, they are building more toilets and fixing some of the other problems. It's huge and needs some time to settle in.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Chris Bridge

5 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Used the new airport in January, Arrival was fine, fair walk to Immigration but was through in 25 mins from Plane to Taxi ! Departure was chaotic! Check in was slow & busy, 45 mins to wait in queue is really not good enough. Be aware that once you go airside through the Gates there is no food or drink available. personally we prefer the old BKK but will see what improvements 6 months can make on our next trip.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Y Wong

5 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

On transit from Penang to Beijing. Impressive building compare to the old airport that was cramped. I found missing is that no information screen about the flight and gate once you pass thru the security check. Also the restroom in the boarding area also insufficient. There is wifi available but when I try to purchase the wifi access seems nobody aware of it or they do not understand what I want.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Brian Smith

1 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Just traveled in and out of ¡°the sausage factory¡± (funny comment from the previous person as it does look a bit like the interior of a sausage casing). I found it to be better than the old airport with a few exceptions. The immigration hall could easily be clogged up. All aisles open, but packed. The arrival hall is maddening, chaotic, and tiny for the number of people relying on tour transport and greeting by transport! Be prepared. There are plenty of gold and jewelry shops, duty free and other overpriced products to be bought in the much improved departures hall, but they don¡¯t have enough food stalls. These three problems could have been taken care of at the drawing board. I think we¡¯ll all have to live with these shortcomings now that it¡¯s complete. Of course they now have to worry about the cracked taxiways. Even though I complain, it really was an improvement over the old airport, though it¡¯s not as good as other hubs in Southeast Asia.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Jean-Louis Vergaert
1 February 2007

Not a bad airport, which can be given a chance to improve - Hong Kong also had a bad start. I would have preferred more conveyor walkways to connect the concourses at departure. All the shops and restaurants are over-priced - especially compared to Bangkok - but this is nothing new everywhere, and at least the restaurants are design. The domestic departure is systematically bussed, very frustrating, but we knew it was opened a little bit prematurely, and I think we must give it another 12 months.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Tim Longdon
1 February 2007

Just to comment on Kim White's note. I live in BKK and only fly Thai. Most arrivals for me are at the far end of concourse C, so also the maximum walk. I would recommend getting the crew to ask for ground assistance in advance as there are literally tons of airport staff with nothing to do, and a lot of buggies they will help elderly/infirm people with.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Kim White
29 January 2007

The woes of this airport are compounding fast. Arrived on British Airways and had to contend with what seemed like a 1Km walk to Immigration. The fast conveyor walkways are there for the young and nimble but it would be too dangerous for an elderly or infirm passenger to attempt to jump on and off especially if they were holding cabin baggage. No one was available to operate the couple of electric trolleys which could have alleviated this problem. Came back flying Thai and this time the walk was bearable. Basically it seems that Thai Airways always docks closest while other airlines are banished to the outer reaches of this awful and huge terminal which is designed successfully like a one building sausage factory. A dreadful design overall.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Norman Sutherland
29 January 2007

Been through a few times now and a steady improvement is evident. Still a lot of bussing going on especially on Thai, even with on-time arrivals - no idea why. Immigration is no problem. I really like the availability of Duty Free Goods and Money Exchange in the Baggage Claim area, but they have a disconcerting habit of changing which belt your baggage comes out on. So after about 10 minutes and you haven't seen your bag just check that they haven't changed the carousel. Taxis on the ground floor are much better organized now, with not much queuing involved but they really do need to clear out the taxi touts in Arrivals. As for departures - slick and quick, but more Departure Tax booths would be better. They also need to do something with the screen displays which cycle far too quickly between Thai and English - fine if you read one or the other, but not everyone does. Sadly the toilets are some of the poorest in the region with constantly wet floors from these stupid glass wash-hand bowls they've installed - a total nightmare for the poor cleaning staff. They should take a lesson from Seoul.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by John Crowley
29 January 2007

The new airport is rather disappointing. I have departed twice and on both occasions it has been a dreary, perfunctory task. The check-in was strained on both occasions. The computer check-in was down and the short luggage conveyor was broken. LCD display screens failed to display baggage check-in row, only departure gate. The only two Thai banks operating are Siam Commercial and Thai Military Bank. Both offer the same money exchange rate, but be sure to ask note denomination availability first. After check-in and paying departure tax, immigration was a ten minute wait and then through into what can only be described as a shopping mall. There is a paucity of seating and the air conditioning is weak in places causing sudden 'hot-spots' which are rather uncomfortable. There are enough places to eat and drink, expensive just like most world airports. Then through security checks to the gate. Double check that you have the correct gate, or you face a long walk back to correct (it). Arrival at the departure gates and all is silent and suddenly very cool, as descent to the gate causes a 'chill factor'; (hot air rises) so the departure gates are a good 12 degrees lower in ambient temperature. Stainless steel seating will chill your bones and reading a paperback is difficult due to extremely low level lighting. If you prefer to read, don't go to the gate too early. I have arrived twice, and this is the good point of this new airport, except for a few snags. Immigration is painless and baggage recovery was quick. However if you are seeking taxis, beware, they are unsignposted, take an escalator to the level below. There are hundreds of desperate and irritating taxi touts: ignore them. Either go to the bus terminal, get a meter taxi a level below or book a limousine taxi at the booking counter which is situated on your direct right as you exit from customs.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Sid Sharma
26 January 2007

Suvarnabhumi airport is huge, but not laid out to the best of conveniences. It is just big, thats it. Transit counters should have opened at 0500 hrs but actually open at 0600hrs resulting in a huge backlog and passenger queues unbelievable! I almost missed my connecting flight to Singapore. English speaking airport staff would definitely help passengers and so would polite airline staff. The earlier airport was much better to get by.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by James Bowen
26 January 2007

I feel people are over critical of this new airport. I left just 1h45 to collect luggage from domestic flight then check it in again for onward international flight and was able to do this with plenty of time to spare. Took about 20 mins. This is because the airport is a single terminal and its a simple matter of going up or downstairs to get from departures and arrivals both for domestic and international flights. Its true that the aircon is lacking but this is made up for by the design of the airport and shopping facilities. I like this place.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by M Hereward
26 January 2007

I have used the new airport four times in the last two months. I think it is improving slightly - at least the bags seem to arrive faster, and there are signs to the meter-taxis downstairs. I like the Thai dedicated check-in for Business / First Class, even though the lounge always seems to be packed. I was also astonished that on Thai I was departing from a bus gate, and even more so that a bus gate was 20 minutes walk from the Thai lounge. Surely one could expect either to walk a long way, or to use a bus gate, but not both!I will live with the dingy grey design as long as they clean up and de-stink the toilets, which are truly disappointing.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Bradley Montag
22 January 2007

Arrivals more clear than the departures and far easier. However there were still huge walks and a severe lack of airconditioning. Customs friendly and quick as was baggage claim. Departure was a nightmare with huge queues and no designated check-in desks for individual flights. There was also no mention anywhere of the 500 Baht departure tax. From passport control to our gate at C10 was a 15 minute walk at a very fast pace. There were no travelators (none that were working) and the airport feels more like a shopping centre with gates attached. It is not very well laid out for passengers in a rush after those long queues.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Andrew Webster
19 January 2007

Airside has almost no seating, and what there is, is uncomfortable The airconditioning is so poor that staff were complaining to me about it! No signage for taxis when you arrive - I paid 800 baht to Chinatown and 500 coming back as a result. No travel convenience shops landside, so forget it if you need a new luggage lock before you check your bag in. Food airside is expensive compared to in town - not a surprise I guess. Water in a Seven-11 (oh yes!) in town is 7 baht and in the airport is 35 baht. Customer service is very patchy. For a huge international airport, this just doesn't cut it. Staff were guessing, possibly out of a desire to serve rather than say they didn't know, but the effect was to mislead me several times. A bus gate for an international flight at a new airport ? You must be kidding! Arrived very early and was prevented from checking in as they claimed there was no room for my bag? Anyone else ever had this happen to them? I couldn't tell if this was reasonable or not. I wish I could vote for this airport, as it would get one or two stars at best.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport by Henry Osserman
19 January 2007

Thai International and transfer to Bangkok Airways Domestic. Airport does look like an odd mix of futuristic confusion but it does work if you can look past the shops and structural headaches. Signage could use improvement in placement and accuracy. Immigration had almost all lanes open and baggage was on carousel waiting. After getting luggage proceeded out into arrivals area and up the moving ramp walkways which you can take your luggage cart on and up to the higher levels. Domestic check-in is to the far left of the terminal building hence next to the Domestic wing of the terminal. Bangkok Airways had a speedy check in then a short walk to security and then through the shopping area to the Domestic gates. Both Bangkok Airways and Thai airways have lounges for use across from the Domestic gates. There were plenty of toilets, though seats broken on some, a smoking lounge or two and a prayer room. This new terminal makes use of all shapes and sizes of metal throughout and on the return it was an easy enough walk from Domestic arrivals to escalators up to the Departure areas where Thai airways has a separate check-in area for First and Business class check in. Security moved along well enough and when proceeding to gate for Thai flight to JFK there was additional security and carry-on screening prior to be allowed down the ramp to the gate area. It's not the best terminal but certainly not the worst. Shopping and food is plentiful though a bit over-priced. Give yourself plenty of time.


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