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Update:30 Apr 2007

ANA - by S May

28 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Buisiness Class 777-300ER NRT-SFO. Flying with my wife, our first experience of ANA. Overall excellent service. Attentive FA's, excellent food and wine selection. New club ANA seats comfortable ( esp in sleeping mode) and cabin tidy and clean. Only 2 minor downsides - no pre departure drinks offered and cabin very warm throughout trip.

ANA - by K Krisanakamol

25 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

BKK-NRT. ANA used 777-200 half of cabin were divided into First and Business class. Another half was for Economy this makes space for Economy very tight (around 160 seats in Economy ) so the seats were very cramp especially when seat in front of me reclined. It was worse than JAL (I have thought ANA offer better legroom). Crew were smiling but not attentive. IFE on my whole side did not work well, could watch only few repeated Movies. THAI really offer a better service, seat comfort and better food.

ANA - by M Liu

25 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Economy on a 777 PVG-NRT-LAX and then SFO-NRT-PVG. Had the same issue both ways on all 4 legs of the trip: the seats were too shallow. Even with the excellent service, clean and spacious cabin and restrooms, the on-demand movie and video games which seemed to help pass the time much more quickly, I'm pretty sure I would not fly them again. I'm 5'8" and could not get comfortable with the shallow seats. I felt half my thigh was hanging off the seats. The only way to get my thighs comfortably on the seats was if I sat perfectly straight, into my seat back. And with the awkward metal leg rests and entertainment systems underneath the seats, there wasn't much leg room there either! Who can sit with knees and hips at 90 degrees for 10 hours? (By the way, when I sat so straight/tall, my head was above the head rest!) So all in all, if you're not a tall person, I'd strongly recommend the airline, but if you're tall, consider flying another class or another airline altogether.

ANA - by Christopher Slater-Walker

24 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

ANA Input London-Tokyo return Business Class. Flight from LHR-NRT barely half full, although the return leg was almost completely full. The cabin is spacious and nicely furnished, with attentive, but not over-attentive service, and a fine selection of food and drink, with a range of light snacks available outside the main meals. The seat converts into a angled lie-flat seatalthough this is not horizontal, and it may be difficult for some people to get comfortable. Entertainment is perhaps not quite up to the standard of some other airlines, but there are a number of fairly recent big-name films available, together with a selection of different music channels. Check-in at both Heathrow and Narita was as smooth as could be; however, immigration queues at both airports can be quite long. My bags were there waiting for me as soon as I got to the carousel, both in London and Tokyo.

ANA - by Masaki Oda
1 April 2007

NRT-SIN on Economy. A full flight and the cabin was cramped - ANA flies a dated B767-300. The cabin was clean and well maintained but not as impressive as other careers on the same route. The food was excellent for Economy class and flight attendants were good. The only major complaint was the way ANA handles Star Alliance Gold customers of other airlines. I have UA*G but was not allow to use priority security lane in NRT even though I fly on ANA. While ANA silver card holders can go through the priority lane when they fly on other star alliance careers.

ANA - by Larry Taylor
24 March 2007

IAD-NRT-IAD. This was my 4th consecutive trip on ANA over the past 4 months and I¡¯ve traveled in all three classes, First, Business and Coach. Without exception, this is the best airline flying to Japan from the states. I purchased my ticket on the ANA Website and while it is a bit busy and cumbersome, it is acceptable. Check in at the airport was quick and efficient, both at IAD and NRT. FAs were very polite, professional and wonderful to deal with. I was traveling coach this trip and even being at the back of the plane, the service was far beyond what one would expect. FAs were attentive and patrolled the isles every few minutes. Food was better that most American Domestic carrier¡¯s Business and First Class meals and portions were more than adequate. In-Flight AVOD was good, but since I travel every month to Japan, I noticed that movies tend not to change every month. Seat was comfortable, but a bit cramped. But then again, I am over 6 feet and only a business or first class seat fits my frame. The major complaint I have about the seating on ANA¡¯s 777-300 was the video boxes under certain seats. If you are stuck in one of these seats, you have no leg room. All things considered on this trip, ANA delivered superior customer service and meal quality. I will always choose ANA whenever possible when flying to Japan.

ANA - by Leu Ziva
26 February 2007

My wife and I just completed a NRT-ORD segment (Tokyo to Chicago) in First class and I must say that was the best flight we have taken. The service is faultless and FAs smiling, checking on the passengers, and basically getting you whatever you want from an extensive a la carte menu. The seats are superb - not only lie flat, but very wide and one can actually roll from side to side! Nice, big pillows and a silky blanket too. They give you a set of pyjamas with a pair of trousers and a kimono-type jacket that is very comfy and unique. Caviar, fresh whole crab (pre-cracked and with little windows cut into the legs so you don't have to do too much work to get to it!). 3 desserts. Huge drinks menu with 5 kinds of western tea and several Japanese teas. The round-trip price is high (approx. $15,000 each), but you are spoiled beyond belief. Very nice if you're on an expense account. Will always look to ANA over the others whenever feasible.

ANA - by Brian Smith
1 February 2007

NRT-BKK-NRT in economy class. Check-in was painless! ANA desk whizzed right through without a line at all! Flight attendants are friendly, smile and do their jobs well. English is not a problem. Food was adequate, but on a 7 hour flight going down they really could use more of a savory snack (or a choice) like a simple sandwich instead of just ice cream. Movies are not AVOD and if you fly them often, like I do, you¡¯ve probably seen them anyway. Clean interior and toilets, and the cabin crew often bring drinks through the aisles. Overall, economy is always good to very good, but with no AVOD then I can¡¯t say excellent. Their business class is usually excellent (but with same video limits).

ANA - by V Brand
26 January 2007

HKG-KIX and NRT-HKG on Business class. Even though the HKG-KIX flight was an older Airbus, crew service and food made up for this. The return flight (NRT-HKG) on the newer CLUB ANA seats, so that rounded off a perfect trip of Japan. Food good, aircraft clean, service wonderful. I've flown ANA on economy before as well, and find the flight attendants to be quite good at English and will do their best to help the passengers. I will use ANA again and will be my first choice airline if they fly to the destinations I am going to.

ANA - by G Lazaro
26 January 2007

Economy from Osaka-Itami (ITM) to New York (JFK) via Tokyo-Narita (NRT) and back this past December and January. ANA made things as smooth as it can be to get across the Pacific and back. Flew on the 777-300ER on each segment, though the domestic version didn't offer the on-demand entertainment system or meals for the 1-hr flight that will get you through the long international flight. The food was good and drinks were served throughout the flight. Food and drinks were also left in the galley between mealtimes, for the instances you wanted to get up and stretch. The flight attendants were efficient overall, though I'm a little unsure about their English ability. Connecting to Osaka at Narita, staff collected my luggage at the drop-off point after customs and promptly notified me of the delay of my flight to Osaka due to the late arrival of incoming passengers. With the exception of this flight, which left an hour late, we were on-time or early on my other 3 flights. If anything, the seats could offer a little more room, but it's not as bad as it could be. ANA would be a top choice for me again in the future.

ANA - by Paul Andrews
26 January 2007

ANA business class LHR-NRT-LHR. Nice aircraft and comfortable seats. Food very nice on outbound. Japanese crew not as friendly as I have previously experienced. Return flight to Heathrow, food badly presented and no proper choices for western passengers. Lights in the cabin were blasted on over three hours before landing which is unprofessional. All in all ANA is quite a good airline however having flown with western carriers I choose ANA for something different.

ANA - by Brian Smith
9 January 2007

NRT-IAD in Business. This flight was the best long haul I've experienced. The food was gourmet. The kaiseki meals were memorable. We had two meal services, and a choice of 10 different options for a mid- flight snack. Choices like chicken and egg on rice, udon, and my choice (which I've heard is popular) a regular-sized cheeseburger! The toilets were clean and the bar in the back was stocked with hand lotion, face masks, eye masks, ear plugs, and other things that would normally be in an inflight kit, as well as snacks and the menu for the larger food options. The seats were not perfect -the recline is odd. They do have privacy partitions and down comforters, as well as cotton jackets if you're cold. Crew were polite, friendly and not too stiff. Inflight movies good, but not great. They repeated the same movies in January as in December with only 3 new additions. Though it is AVOD, I think they could do a much better job of variety of movies and TV shows in their entertainment. Only complaint was that on the return in premium economy class, the food was mediocre and not quite enough in volume. Nothing at all in comparison to their business class.

ANA - by Olivier Ragu
27 December 2006

CDG-NRT on an ANA fully packed flight just before Christmas. Check-in fast although they couldn't assign me any aisle seat. Ended in a seat in the middle of the aircraft. Boarding not very well organized, ending with a 30 min delay. Service efficient, polite and friendly as always despite the cabin being 100 % full. Meals quality OK, but I can see some cost cutting measures like the absence of noodles. Breakfast is always the same for 1 year, but still eatable. Arrival 15 min later than scheduled, very fast immigration procedures, and luggage waiting for us. All in all, a very good experience as always with ANA, much better than my first leg on Virgin.

ANA - by G Chew
10 October 2006

PEK-NRT-LHR in Club ANA. Both flight were fantastic. The 767 from Beijing had conmortable 2x1x2 seating. The food was tasty, and crew very friendly. There were even slippers. The arrivals lounge had lots of internet terminals and three shower rooms. The queues for immigration were terrible though - I waited over an hour. NRT-LHR was just as pleasant. The upper deck was less than half full, so the atmosphere was very nice. In Heathrow there was no queue for the EU passport control (two staff, no passengers) which was nice, although the queue for non-EU was enormous. Baggage was there before I was.

ANA - by Ted Bloom
6 September 2006

SFO-BKK, BKK-NRT, NRT-SFO in economy 8/06. The transpacific flights on 777s were fine with very attentive fa's. The food was good enough, and the seatback entertainment was on demand. The intraAsia flights almost seemed to be another airline. he 767 was not very comfortable. The seats were narrow and the pitch seemed very short. The food was not very good. All flights had the same movie selection, altho the BKK-NRT redeye had fewer of them. The Japanese films were not subtitled to my disapointment. Greater variety would have been nice. I'd fly ANA again to NRT based on price, but I would give some thought to flying them further.

ANA - by Sally Heslop
12 August 2006

Narita -Nagoya with ANA. Very smooth flight with efficient service. Only a small plane for this short flight. Took off a little late and worried about check-in for flight to CNS. Very helpful staff at ANA information desk even though I speak very limited Japanese (hello/goodbye etc). Staff went out of their way to make sure I knew exactly where I needed to, be getting floor plan map of Airport to show me. A credit to the airline.

ANA - by Gabriel Meyer
18 July 2006

SFO-NRT in ANA Club. Although our flight was on a 777-200 with the older style ANA Club seats, it was still a wonderful flight. Cabin staff were friendly, and provided service of the highest caliber. Overall food quality (and quantity) was excellent, and the Japanese plum wine available with meals with a great added bonus. Would happily fly ANA again.

ANA - by Wei Kai
18 June 2006

SIN-Narita, Haneda to New Chitose and back to Singapore. All using ANA flights. All using Boeing 777-200ER. However the funny thing is that the domestic flight looks old and 80's, while international flight looks new but all are using the same airplane. Domestic plane is cramped, old seats and there is no IFE or a proper headset. 1.5 hr flight to Hokkaido - snacks and a cup of water. Flight attendants in domestic flight do not understand simple English whereas flight attendants in international flight do understand English and Chinese. On international flights, their IFE was bad - on a 7 hours flight, there is only a couple of Movies for economy class and their IFE looks old. FA's are friendly and nice to talk to. Good Service. They should be offered the best cabin staff. Overall rating International 8/10, and domestic 6/10

ANA - by Stefan Granitzer
12 June 2006

PVG-NRT-PVG and several times PVG-JFK-PVG. ANA is now operating out of the brand new Terminal 1 at Narita with all other Star Alliance partners. Flawless service starts with friendly and helpful check-in, very pleasant restaurant and shopping facilities, a brand new and huge ANA lounge, friendly and cheerful cabin staff. Cabin crew can always be found - usually less than 30 secs after requested - and are willing to serve. I would certainly recommend ANA to anyone.

ANA - by Oliver Ragu
3 June 2006

CDG-NRT-CDG. ANA crew is one of the best even among Asian, genuinely friendly. The only thing the Japanese stewardess lack is a good command of English, but European flight attendants did help. Good food service and AVOD entertainment made the trip shorter and enjoyable. Will take in priority ANA on this route.

ANA - by John Moore
26 April 2006

Economy class LHR-NRT. Was far too early for check in but when it opened it opened early ¨C check in clerk was polite and we met again at boarding. Seat on way out was aisle as requested ¨C IFE system was a little cumbersome but at least PTV, unlike Lufthansa ¨C good range of music and films. Food was a little disappointing ¨C although small portions are sensible on a long haul flight. Crew were wonderful and flight was on time. Return journey was good ¨C stayed in good ANA hotel at Narita at which you can check in before you get to the airport ¨C great service which avoids problems at Narita which is a rather busy terminal. One point about ANA hotel ¨C their check in was not so efficient, but the rooms are clean and spacious and breakfast is good. Dependent on who you book with you can also get Star Alliance points for your stay. For reasons which may or may not be explained I have yet to be on a full flight from Asia to LHR ¨C whereas flights from LHR/Germany to Asia are invariably full ¨C so return flight is always more comfortable. Again nice crew and no delays. Have also flown ANA domestically on several occasions and have found them as if not more efficient on these flights. ANA treat customers well and service is good ¨C food is the only element which is a slight let-down ¨C assume business/1st is worth upgrading to, premium economy also available though there is plentiful space for someone of my stature and small portions of food make weight gain less likely!

ANA - by Jonathan Reed
24 April 2006

My wife and I flew free LAX to NRT business class thanks to United's Mileage Plus Program. Great IFE, very good food. The business class seat is surrounded by a rigid horseshoe shaped wall. To let a more than six footer recline straight the seat does not quite lie flat. However, a huge number of motors lets you find a comfortable position whether lying down or sitting. It's a pretty successful set-up. I could not get my non-wireless laptop to receive internet on board. When I asked the stewardess for help she explained that stewardesses weren't trained in that area and handed me a manual.

ANA - by Tod Gimbel
31 March 2006

IAD-NRT-IAD in Business Class. They are using planes with the old style seats on this route. Not much pitch (as compared to United or Singapore airlines) so sleep was tough. The service is top notch with attendants who are almost too attentive! Food was good. I stuck to the Japanese menu which was very tasty. They also a nice sake selection. The entertainment system is a little dated but the movie choices were decent. One odd thing I noticed was that a number of people on the flight had colds and did not do much to cover their noses or mouths while sneezing or coughing. I like ANA but would try to avoid the planes not yet updated with the new seats.

ANA - by Keith Shimko
27 March 2006

NRT to JFK in business class. All aspects of the flight were excellent. The seat was quite comfortable (New Style seats), the entertainment system very good, and the food was top notch (a very tasty beef tenderloin and delicious dessert). FAs were among the best I have encountered - always coming around to see if people needed anything, filling wine and champagne glasses, and serving little snacks during the flight. While I did not try to sleep on the flight, others appears to have no problem snoozing soundly. Among the best business class products I have encountered. The only shortcomings were the complete zoo that is T2 at Narita (especially the completely unorganized entrance into security) and the rather unspectacular ANA business lounge in the same terminal.

ANA - by Brian Smith
18 March 2006

The ANA Business lounge in Narita looks fairly modern, and is comfortable, but they don¡¯t offer any food beyond cheese and cracker and arare. No showers, no computers, but there is Internet access with your own computer. The staff at the main desk didn't speak English so well. I found this out when I tried to explain a small problem to them.

ANA - by David Francis
6 January 2006

My wife and I have flown London to Tokyo return twice in the last few months. ANA were fantastic both times. On one journey my wife was not well and she received marvellous attention from the super efficient and charming crew. What a great way to fly!

ANA - by Will Stephens
10 October 2005

LHR-NRT. Superb service in first class - couldn't be faulted. Certainly better than Upper Class on Virgin. Slept for six hours and woke up ready to go.

ANA - by Maurice Bender
16 September 2005

Comfortable FRA-NRT-FRA flights, the crew was impressively friendly and nice.. A great variety of food and beverages, snacks and alcoholics. I would recommend ANA. The only mad thing is I really missed any inflight entertainment IFE in economy class. The boeing 747-400 was very noisy, but the smiling crew really made it agreable.

ANA - by Andrew Eckel
22 August 2005

Tokyo (Haneda)-Fukuoka-Tokyo and was very impressed. ANA could not be faulted from start to finish. Both aircraft (B767-300 and B777-200) were clean, bright and comfortable, and the flight crews were friendly and professional. The crew's English was excellent, though unfortunately, there was a lack of English language reading material on board - strange considering there were so many non- Japanese on this busy route. Check-in was incredibly quick and efficient - please take note Qantas, you could learn something from ANA here! I would certainly fly ANA again after such good flights.

ANA - by Takaya Ikezawa
9 August 2005

Tokyo (HND) to Seoul (GMP), C class return. Check-in at HND was OK but a bit congested at check-in luggage screening. NH, JL, OZ and KE share the lounge in HND. It was uncrowded and quiet. The facility and snack/drink service were minimal but the staff kept the longe tidy. The aircraft was B767-300 with 2-2-2 seat abreast in C class cabin, whereas NH has 2-1-2 abreast of Club ANA Asia which is mainly used for Japan - China routes. The seat was not state- of-the-art, but the seat pitch, width and reclining angle were more than OK for the 2-hour flight. NH doesn't serve pre-take-off welcome drink, even on long haul flights. They say it is due to safety reason or something, but I think they can improve by using plastic or paper cups. Actually, they used plastic cups for in -flight drink service on this flight. Meal/drink service is simple. No choice of meal, no hot meal, no champagne. Even so, the meal was very nice, especially appetizers were delicious. Quality and service of cabin attendants were very sufficient. At GMP, OZ staff handles and they were also efficient. NH shares OZ lounge, where as KE and JL share another. Both lounges are outside of security control. OZ lounge was very cozy and quiet. Classic BGM was also nice to relax. Return flight was much the same.

ANA - by Barry Wright
22 July 2005

I flew in the older First Class seat on an ANA 777 from IAD to NRT and back and found it very comfortable both for sitting and when completely flat for sleeping. overall service, food and wine was excellent. Their First Class lounges at IAD and NRT were adequate with very limited snacks.

ANA - by Shanaka Gooneratne
12 July 2005

SIN to NRT return in Y class. On both trips I was allocated seat 20A. This was the first time I had flown ANA and it left me wondering why I had not chosen them before. The service was immaculate and faultless. The flight attendants were very attentive and helpful. On my return sector, I was a bit tired and upset as I was leaving someone very dear to me, hence fell asleep during the meal service. The flight attendants came around 3 times thereafter to check whether I was hungry to have dinner, which they were happy to serve at any time. In future if I fly anywhere and ANA flies there, ANA will be my first choice. Hats of for a perfect 10 service.

ANA - by Jeff Pollock

10 July 2005

ANA is an outstanding airline. I have flown the SFO-NRT-BKK and back again route many times and on many different airlines, looking for one to stick with. We take this trip about 3 times a year and have just booked another trip with ANA, which will be the third time in a row with them. The service has always been attentive and the food great. What I like the best is the in flight entertainment. The personal video screens and music offered is the best on any economy flight. ANA will provide free day use of the ANA Narita airport hotel during the 8 hour layover in Tokyo. We've done it twice with ANA and once with JAL. And the ANA hotel is nicer than the JAL airport hotel. My only small complaint would be that they leave the lights in the cabin on too long, to light the in flight Duty Free sales.

ANA - by Tien-Lun Yao

29 May 2005

NRT-BKK in C. Ainori Taxi took me at the right time to the airport. Check- in was professional. Lounge staff was very nice. Crew was outstanding. Anybody who was sleeping during serving the meals were ignored until the moment he waked up. One minute later: hot towel, linen and food which was excellent as usual. Due to expected delay and very short transit time of originally 55 minutes, escort was arranged to get 23.45 hrs although arrival at gate was 23.30 hrs incl. change of terminal and baggage forwarding. This was really a great service.

ANA - by Tien-Lun Yao

25 May 2005

PVG - NRT in C: Surprised that Check-in opened very late as normally immegration takes long time in Shanghai and airline should be happy about every passenger who is early at the check-in desk. But check-in very professionally. Double check of all special needs like meal or Ainori Taxi for international C-Pex. Lounge was very nice and full due to same time departure of AC/UA-transpacific flights. Attendent staff who remembered final destination and asked to return to lounge as they saw me leaving and expecting delay and change of gate. Boarding was great. Take care of stowage of baggage and all you need! Very nice crew who their job very professionally. Very good food but too much. Always one in cabin for any contact by pex. Arriving in Tokyo and getting Ainori-Taxi (Share taxi service) was great. Before I could made one word I was asked if I am Mr. Yao. Baggage card was taken over by driver. Only guest to Tokyo downtown. So 90 minutes after arrival at gate already at Tokyo Station with this great service. Would recommend to use if possible as it is as expensive as public transport and limited to 8 persons per taxi.

ANA - by Carl Palminteri

29 March 2005

Business Class from SFO to Beijing via Narita - returned Shanghai to Narita to SFO. Service excellent but surprised at near unintelligible English language announcements at times. Food was probably the best I've ever had in Business - I had the Western choices and my wife had the Japanese offerings. Shocked to discover the steak was virtually restaurant quality! (Pleasantly surprised, of course). Open bar is a nice touch but was essentially unused in either direction. Delicious Champagne and excellent Cabernet. Audio choices not a thrill but video offerings were fine. Business lounge in Shanghai is OK - at Narita it's better than one would expect. Shared facility with United Red Carpet lounge at SFO.

ANA - by Robert Swanson

27 March 2005

KIX-OKA I just finished flying for the first time on an ANA flight from Kansai International Airport after an 11 hour flight from ORD. The 2.5 hour plane trip was fabulous. After barely getting any sleep on the last airline, I was had a seat in row 47 the very back of the plane. The plane seemed full, but the staff went out of their way to toss a blanket over my tired body as I drifted off to sleep before take off. I woke up about an hour later and was immediately offered a drink and an English newspaper. This was the first time flying any airline and having this type of great service. I just wished they fly my route from Chicago vice their code share with United. I am looking forward to my trip back to Osaka with them!


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