Pasengers Feedbacks on DELTA AIR LINES

Update:30 Apr 2007

Delta Air Lines - by Rathin Roy

28 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

AMS-JFK BusinessElite on a 767. I was a bit nervous after my previous experience with Delta (see previous post by me). Check in smooth (though I could not web check in due to systems failure) but they forgot to give me a lounge card. As I am Skyteam Elite Plus this did not matter. Same old Delta BusinessElite seats, certainly only 3 star quality and getting threadbare, but I knew this would be so. Cabin crew seemed well past the age of retirement but did an OK job - except one crew member who was short rude and forgetful (she asked us our meal choices and then realized she had forgotten to circulate the menus; she forgot to switch the IFE on and remembered only 30 minutes after seat belt signs had been switched off). Excellent food though they ran out of some choices (not in my case). However, Delta should stop pretending they offer an "eat what you like when you like" service since crew just flatly refuse to oblige. They have good reasons to do so - there is no way 2-3 cabin crew can provide such a service to a full BusinessElite cabin and enjoy the generous union-negotiated rest that they are all entitled to. Overall, very much a 3 star experience but very cheap ticket and better, still, than any other US airline except Continental which is still the service leader. Of course all of them are vastly inferior to non-US airlines, at least with their Business Class product.

Delta Air Lines - by Tom Cannon

20 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Flight was scheduled for a 9:45 am departure and we finally took-off at 7:23 pm - over 9 1/2 hours late due to mechanical problems. I was in first class and given a $7.00 voucher for lunch which cost $19.00. Service on board was not very good since the crew was a reserve crew called in at the last minute and they were more excited about going to HNL. No champagne is now served in first even on this long flight. there were only two bottles of wine available during the meal. Glasses were plastic along with serving pieces and styrofoam cups. There was one pre-dinner drink with no nuts, pretzels, etc. A pre-arrival snack of a very small roll with turkey, a salad of cucumbers insour cream, and a pre-packaged brownie was served. I asked for coffee and never received it. One bag arrived within 35 minutes and the other an hour later on a different carousel. This was the worst flight I have ever had in over 40+ years flying.

Delta Air Lines - by Alejandro Canton

20 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

PTY to China on a combination of NWA and Delta Airlines. PTY-DCA via ATL. The initial portion on a comfortable B767-300, very clean. The ATL-DCA portion on an MD-88. On the international portion FAs were a bit aged but efficient. Breakfast going north and dinner coming back south. Both plentiful, tasteful. Entertainment system on international consisted of a full-feature film and good listening music. Did not find much difference in the on-going NWA poirtion to Beijing from DCA and return. Maybe the Sky Team Alliance is homigenizing its service. Requested wheel chair and it was provided with a very kind service.

Delta Air Lines - by Lance Schmidt

15 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

YVR-AMS-LHR-YVR. I flew Delta for 15 years and after amassing 180,000 SkyMiles, I cashed them in for two business class seats to Europe. A few days before the scheduled departure something happened and I needed to cancel. I phoned to ask what could be done and dealt with a very friendly person on the phone who said I could phone back later to re-deposit my SkyMiles. On good faith I waited until several months after the flight and phoned back to rebook the trip. That was when I found out that the ticket had an expiry date of one year from the date of booking and that the miles were lost forever. It was all matter of fact and no apology or empathy was offered. It was a fairly stark insight into how Delta views their customer relationships and was a sad end to a fifteen year relationship with an airline that I always championed above other American carriers. Although this isn't a typical "trip" experience it was my trip experience, and I would urge others using SkyMiles to ask carefully about the terms and conditions of an award ticket when using Delta.

Delta Air Lines - by Byron Scott

15 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Business Elite from Chicago to Santiago. 767-400 and impressed with the comfort of the seats. They seemed much better than the business seats on a Delta 767-300 a few years ago, not quite lie-flat. Service was prompt and attentive, and food was acceptable. Business Elite lounge in Concourse E at ATL is nice - spacious, quiet, good selection of drinks, snacks and reading material.

Delta Air Lines - by Harold case

15 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

I am wondering if Delta paid any attention to the written proposal I offered last summer. I am deaf. I depend entirely on visual communication of all kinds. My idea was to erect or install captioned announcements and news on monitors throughout the airports. I know hearies are constantly bombarded with news and anouncements via voice speakers! That made me and still makes me angry to be left out as an air traveler not to be fully informed as required and needed. Just go to any airport in Europe to appreciate captioned information in at least ten languages on the monitors. The SkyWest CRJ 200 flight from Medford, Oregon to SLC was fun and great! I was assisted with a wheelchair through huge huge huge SLC terminal that enabled me to catch in time my connecting flight to Hartford, Connecticut. Same thing transpired upon my return flight to Medford.

Delta Air Lines - by A Gimblett

10 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

We booked flights several months in advance for LGW-ATL-GDL, Mexico and were constantly having our itinerary changed, the people on phone seemed not too helpful. I have never experienced this with any airline before. Delta seem to not tell you about any changes to your schedule and leave it to you to check on line whether your itinerary has changed. We had to ring Delta after they left us with a 10min connection time in Atlanta after changing the times yet again! They gave us 2 options, leave the day earlier or fly the same day but pay for the hotel, we had to choose the latter. The in flight service was very good for economy on our LGW- ATL, ATL-GDL and GDL-ATL flights. The staff at Guadalajara Airport didn't seem to care less about us loosing 5 suitcases and took the attitude of 'it's not my luggage so I don't want to know'. Flight from ATL-LGW was delayed over an hour and had an equipment change at the last minute from a B777-200ER to a B767-400ER. All the passengers had to get new boarding passes. Luckily we were on one of DL's newly refurbished 767-400s and have new seats and PTVs. The FA's were not very kind and looked quite nervous- perhaps this was to do with the strong turbulence in which we had the seat belt sign on for 4.5 hrs!! Overall DL seemed to have tried to sort out the problems but still need to improve their customer service.

Delta Air Lines - by S Tai

10 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

JFK-BRU-JFK in full-fare economy. There is nothing wrong with Delta, and absolutely nothing exciting and out of the ordinary either. Both flights on old 767s with new all-leather interior. Flights were on time and the (very, very senior) crew was professional and friendly. Compared to other airlines that fly transatlantic, however, Delta flights are extremely boring as no in-seat IFE is available and the existing audio/video in these old 767s is very basic. I have no complaints really, but transatlantic flights on Virgin, Singapore, Emirates or any airline that uses NEW planes (including Northwest) are so much more fun. And if you fly a lot, doing more than the ordinary does matter.

Delta Air Lines - by Felix Gonnier

4 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Gatwick-JFK-Gatwick Business - bought the ticket last year special rate £540. Aircraft clean the business cabin looks like it needs update compare to other airlines, but spacious and confortable. The crew was nice but some of them with attitude. The food was good, IFE good. On the way back the crew was much better - very attentive. Business lounge in JFK good but staff need to know a bit more on the business facilities available!

Delta Air Lines - by M Lipelt

26 March 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

MAN-JFK in Business Elite and JFK-MAN in Economy. Both flights operated with 767-300ER. Outbound: We were upgraded to Business as our original flight got cancelled due to bad weather. So, we think that we can tell whether there is a real difference between these two classes which makes it worth paying the big extra. On our outbound flight the food was excellent and drinks (cocktails, soft drinks, sparkling wine) were fine, too. We had plenty of legroom, in fact, we had difficulties reaching the back-pockets of the seats in front of us to get a magazine. The seats were extremely comfortable and more than enough for a normal-built person. The entertainment system in the form of individual screens offering movies, games and music channels was good, though sometimes there was a sound like static waves. We had mixed feelings about the FA's; one female FA was rather impolite, though she dealt with everything in a promptly manner. Our journey back from NYC started at choatic JFK. Delta had plenty of staff there but nothing was moving. They appeared to be totally disorganized. I do not know whether this is a specific Delta problem. The Economy cabin was, of course, in big contrast to Business Elite. The food was extremely poor by any standards and we are not saying this because we enjoyed excellent food in Business but we know that other airlines do better. Possibly, Delta should spent one Dollar more per passenger which could make all the difference. However, the leather seats were ok. Legroom was not significantly more than on a 737-800. FA's were polite and attentive as far as you can expect this in Economy. The entertainment system is desperately in need of updating as one big screen and small monitors in the aisle is not up to scratch anymore. During the 6,5 hours flight they provided two servings of coffee/tee, one soft drink and water from time to time. That was ok. They also provided pillows and blankets for each passengers (we once flew with an airline where this was not the case). Overall, I would say that they provide a fair service in Economy. Yes, the Business Elite is in stark contrast to that and it makes sense for a businessman who will not have any time to relax after the flight to have his firm paying the big extra. Having had the direct experience of both service levels, we, as tourists, do not think that the service provided in Business Elite is worth ten times more the ticket price of an Economy ticket. I would think about it again, though, if it was for a 12+ hours flight. As a final note, both flights left with a one hour delay but arrived on time. We would recommend Delta, if the price is right.

Delta Air Lines - by Steve Tait

20 March 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Flew Business BOS-ATL-JNB-ATL-BOS. Overall a very good experience. Flight out of BOS was late by about 90 minutes due to snow. The inflight crew went above and beyond to help customers with connections. The pilot even offered his cell phone to passengers to call into Delta. International Business Class very good. While the seats are narrower then some competitors and don't lie flat they were comfortable. IFE was outstanding and worked flawlessly. Food was very good, wines OK not great. Cabins of all aircraft were spotless and new. The crew was very good but the DL uniforms badly need updating. ATL to BOS there was an equipment downgrade and we got bumped to coach which after a 20 hour flight from JNB to ATL was not a good way to end our journey. BOS and ATL club rooms were excellent. DL uses the AF club room in JNB and it was OK. All in all a very good experience and I would recommend DL Business for international travel.

Delta Air Lines - by Richard Myton
20 March 2007

LGW-JFK return Business Elite. We were happy with every aspect of the Delta service. Check in gentleman at LGW was friendly and helpful. Crown lounge was comfortable with good drinks choice and snacks. Seats may be a touch on the narrow side but they were comfortable with plenty of legroom. The meals were excellent with good choice and plentiful. FA's were attentive and efficient. On the return flight we used Business Elite check in at JFK Terminal 2, and then a short walk to Terminal 3. Business Elite lounge JFK fine, with good service and drinks and hot/cold snacks. Both flights left/arrived on time.

Delta Air Lines - by Mark Hereward
20 March 2007

Business class FCO-JFK in a 757. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a great flight. The seats were good, IFE while not the best, was adequate, and I am annoyed at not being able to just plug my laptop into a regular power supply. But the service was superb. Even a little "over the top", but made you feel special. No hesitation in serving my meal hours later than everyone else's, happy to supply whatever was needed. Good service overcomes any shortcomings in the hardware. I would take that flight again.

Delta Air Lines - by S Michaelson
9 March 2007

LAX-JFK-LAX on 757 both ways in economy. The flight out from LAX was flawless. The ground staff quick, efficient and moved the rather long line quickly. The flight was full, but FAs friendly. Economy gets a snack box with cheese and crackers, trail mix and a cookie. The plane had PTV with dish satellite TV, 24 channels. This was free, but headphones were $2. You could either buy the headphones and keep them or supply your own for free. The plug was standard, so any set will do. Movies were $5 and the PTV had a credit card slot. On the way back, we got to JFK early and wanted to get on an earlier flight. The ground staff at JFK left much to be desired. I have never seen people work so slow. The line was not very long with five agents working the counters. We were in the line for an hour before getting up to the counter. They got so far behind and close to the next flight they had to ask if there were people on the flight we wanted so they could process them through first. I explained we wanted to get on that flight and was told to wait. When they finally got to me, I was told I missed the cut off by four minutes. We stuck with our original flight, which was half full, left on time and arrived 20 minutes early. Again, a great flight, seats both ways were comfortable (and I am a big guy). I would definitely fly Delta again. They just need to get the JFK ground staff moving.

Delta Air Lines - by S Knowles
3 March 2007

ATL-FRA and MUC-ATL : checkin was mass confusion. Agents at the gate not very helpful. I used my upgrades to BusinessElite and very disappointed with the lack of width on the 767-300 in this "premium" class. Like some others have said, I've experienced numerous flights in which the IFE had sound problems. On a previous LGW-CVG flight, there was waves of static so loud you couldn't stand it, even when volume was on low. On the MUC-ATL, the sound didn't work on my seat at all. Does anyone know if Delta has investigated if there is a sort of electrical issue with these aircraft?

Delta Air Lines - by Guy Ballantyne
3 March 2007

Boston to Tpa on Delta in First. What a fool I was thinking i would get comfort and good food. This was a 3hr flight on an MD88, the seat was a premium economy seat at best, drinks were offered once and the gourmet was a choice of cereal bar or a bag of nuts - 11 nuts in the bag and it was one or the other. The flight attendant was courteous but sharp. Never again will I buy a ticket in first class to fly internally in the USA. And this ticket did not gain me entry to the lounge, but thankfully my Platinum Amex did - in the lounge it was soft drinks and pretzels. This was an experience I will never repeat with Delta. Ashamed to say this I paid £475.00 this is GB pounds and not US Dollars.

Delta Air Lines - by Ousuf Zafar
3 March 2007

BOM-JFK direct on Delta. Delta uses a 777 for this flight, which was completely full. My seat was a middle window right in front of the restrooms -- as a result I had almost no recline. IFE was surprisingly good. Many new movies, multiple TV shows, full CD's, and Delta radio. All of this was AVOD. Three meals were served. The mid-flight snack was a pretty good veggie sandwich with masala tea, breakfast a standard omelet with fruit and croissant. The flight attendant quality was mixed.

Delta Air Lines - by Mats Genberg
28 February 2007

LAX-ATL-CPH in coach with family of four. LAX-ATL. Totally uneventful 3,5 hour flight in semi-shabby 767-400. FA's nice. But amazed that you could not even BUY anything to eat. Even Ryanair has sandwiches for sale. 4 hour layover at ATL. Thanks to Priority Pass we had access to Crown Lounge which was quite nice. ATL OK and efficient and easy to navigate, but how come US airports don't offer any place to sit and eat for those willing to pay a little more? All junk food. Plus for many seats at gate and great view out of gate window. ATL-CPH. Very nice and happy staff. Even had Danish speaking FA's. Got the idea that USA - Scandinavia flights was considered a good job among Delta Staff. The plane was less fun though! An old 767-300. First time in many years I've been on an intercontinental flight without even personal IFE screens. 1 movie in 9 hours on "in-aisle" monitors that had an interesting variety of colors. I hear American passengers here mentioning Delta 777 IFE as cool. But please notice that in the rest of the world that is the minimum standard for long haul. Don't know why American pax accept this. Food was low cafeteria standard, but acceptable. Leather seats made your back sweat. And no foot rest made legs swell. No buffet in galley. No newspapers. Compared to outbound flight on codeshare partner AF this was a very poor experience. But the friendly staff and low price made up for it. Our return trip cost $2200 for a family of four (kids 10+13).

Delta Air Lines - by Erez Har-Tal
26 February 2007

ORD-ATL-TLV. Check in at O'Hare disorganized, I had to wait quite a bit because there were no gate agents for Economy. ATL-TLV - had to go through special security screening before boarding the plane to Tel- Aviv. Quite efficient and done at the entry to the plane versus closing a whole section of Concourse E in Atlanta like they did in the previous flight. Cabin crew friendly, efficient and helpful. Food to Tel-Aviv good, though portions were small. Food from Tel-Aviv mediocre in quality and portions. There was amenity kit with eye shades and ear plugs. Menu cards were distributed for economy passengers. Checkin and security at Tel-Aviv painless. Flight good. But long 13 hours flying time in the air. Overall delta has a solid international economy class

Delta Air Lines - by Simon Boxall
15 February 2007

Toronto - Atlanta - Sao Paolo - Atlanta - Toronto, economy class. All except the last journey from ATL-YYZ departed within 20 minutes of schedule. The long-haul routes to Sao Paolo and back were excellent. Cabin crew friendly. Food nice. I would certainly fly Delta again.

Delta Air Lines - by Simon Blackburn
13 February 2007

LGW-CVG-SLC in coach. First trip on DL for over a year and much better than before. IFE (ie the big screen) not working in my part of the cabin so free alcohol instead on the transatlantic. New seats an improvement. All bar one cabin crew across the two flights very good and nothing too much trouble - though the transatlantic possibly under-crewed (3 people for the cabin). Baggage didn't arrive after a further re-route when it became apparent in CVG that my planned route would strand me in DFW because of a delayed flight. However SLC staff quick to sort and arrange onward delivery. Will wait for return journey to see if this is a sustained improvement - or whether I was lucky.

Delta Air Lines - by G Khuchua
5 February 2007

I've flown Delta everywhere, and a ton of domestics. I have to say that the service can vary but the most recent experience was great. My girlfriend and I volunteered to get bumped on the direct Nashville-JFK flight, as it was overbooked (four days after Christmas). Instead, we were rebooked on the BNA-ATL-JFK flight, the ATL-JFK portion of which was on a B777 that was to continue to Mumbai. The gate agent upgraded both of us to BusinessElite for free! That meant full meal, unlimited drinks, etc, as well as Class Bonus added to my WorldPerks account. I think DL is trying hard, since they're trying to prove to their shareholders that they're an airline that can survive on its own. I wish they'd start flying to Australia or NZ.

Delta Air Lines - by Rathin Roy
5 February 2007

You will see favourable comments on Delta by me in previous posts. Well, sadly my latest flight (BRU-JFK) in Business Elite on Feb 2 was well below par Unsmiling, unfriendly ,crew. Poor service timing and efficiency. You are supposed to be allowed to eat at your own pace On all other Delta flights this was respected by cabin cfrew but not on this one. At the end of the meal no one came to clear my tray. for 30 minutes I them had to use the call bell three times before someone came -- total time between meal completion and clearing = 45 minutes. I do hope this is a one off and Delta Business Class is not lapsing to US airline standards. I always choose Delta over American/Continental when forced to fly a US carrier and have even preferred Delta to KLM in the past I hope I do not have to change my preferences

Delta Air Lines - by Tom Perica
1 February 2007

MCO-JFK (First), JFK-GRU (Business) The Crown Room lounges in Orlando and JFK were nice, relaxing, especially the massage chairs at JFK. Orlando-JFK flight was disappointing. The space was not that much more than coach and there was no meal service (just chips) in first class. JFK-GRU flight was great. Food was very good, seats comfortable and the service excellent; personable and intuitive. GRU back to JFK was also business class and a completely different experience. Flakey flight attendants and pitiful food. The "new" Crown Room in Sao Paulo is a horror: small, harshly lit, and not much in the self-serve bar to choose from. The 767 was a newly outfitted one, and the seat were not as comfortable as the older 767 on the southbound trip. All in all, I regret flying Delta and wish I had taken Continental. Continental's business service to Sao Paulo has bigger seats and more professional consistency.

Delta Air Lines - by Giuseppe Gigliello
1 February 2007

SEA-ATL, some American friends told me Delta was a company to avoid. Having flown, I must say I'm quite happy. Easy and agile check-in procedure, very friendly and easy-going staff. No dead times. The plane, a 767, was clean, the seats comfortable. The downside is that I've been only served peanuts, the entertainment system was absent - just a big screen in the aisle. You had to pay for your own headsets. But for domestic flight I found Delta a nice choice. Thanks to the efficiency of Atlanta airport's connection between the concourses and of the speed the baggage were put on the belt with, It took me less than 30 minutes to descend the plane, go to the baggage reclaim and arrive at the shuttle's place.

Delta Air Lines - by M Auerbach
1 February 2007

Return BDL-RSW. Ground and gate crew at BDL courteous and flight departed on time and arrived early. Flight attendants professional and friendly, and came through cabin with the snack basket (poor food choices) and beverages. Return flight was pretty much the same. I've been using US on this route and was surprised that DL was a much better experience.

Delta Air Lines - by L Ziva
29 January 2007

My wife and I flew Delta CMH-LAX in First class. Seats were average and cabin was in good condition. The meal service is poor - why on earth do Delta continue to use plastic cups and utensils along with cheap paper placemats and napkins? It looks awful. United and American can manage to do it right, why can't Delta? They used to. The food itself was a bit better than previous (a few months ago), with larger portions, but very oily and of course no choices of anything. Greasy chicken with oily potatoes and green beans, and a dried out cheesecake. The "snack basket" is full of junk-food and is pathetic. 1 person in a cabin with 15 passengers actually had something from it. Crisps and 10 cent crackers in first class? Why even bother. They serve the same "snack" in economy. How about some fruits, yoghurt, something actually healthy instead of full of salt and preservatives? Service was just okay. After the meal the one flight attendant disappeared to the galley to have a 3-hour chat with a colleague who was supposed to be serving economy. so much for "first class" with Delta - please go back to how you were just a few years ago! Otherwise it's off to United or American permanently.

Delta Air Lines - by Richard Eveleens
26 January 2007

AMS-JFK-BUF return. Check in in AMS is fast and efficient, and because while booking you can choose your seat, you know where you going to sit on the 767. The flight was almost full, but still managed to get 2 seats for myself at the window on the leg to JFK. Service is ok, plenty of drinks, and the pizza snack is quite good. At JFK the flight to Buffalo was delayed by 1 hour, and because of the long delays for taking off total delay was about 2 hours. The plane, a CRJ50 felt a little cramped, but fine for the 1 hour flying time. On the way back at Buffalo somehow my luggage was above the 55 lbs limit of weight, while later on at JFK it only was 44 lbs... I did not had to pay, but others of my party had. Not a good feeling about that. JFK-AMS was way overbooked, and you could make 600 U$ by giving your seat away. I had commitments so was not able to do so, but 3 others of my party extended their stay with 1 day including 600 U$ in the pocket! All in all I would fly again with Delta if their prices are as low as I booked them now.

Delta Air Lines - by C Goldschmidt
26 January 2007

First class EWR-SLC (award travel). Travelling first class with elderly disabled mother. Comfy leather seats, plane appeared new, with TV screens in seatbacks and choice of movies / TV shows. I believe economy had the screens as well. Food only so-so. The steward on the outbound flight was not very attentive, didn't even offer to take away some of our trash and seemed impatient. On the return the attendants were wonderful - friendly and very attentive. We pre-ordered wheel chair service for my mother and people were waiting for us with a wheelchair at every exit. It worked wonderfully.

Delta Air Lines - by Kuhan Kandiah
26 January 2007

Just returned from a flight on JFK-RIC (New York - Richmond Virginia) and it was a very pleasant flight. Boarding was on time and although they changed the gates at the very last minute, it was just 2 gates away and the ground crew were polite and friendly. Flew on an ERJ so they only had one Cabin Crew and 2 Cocpit Crew. Flight took off 30 minutes late but that was due to the long que on the runway for a 1955 departure. Cabin crew was good and snacks were served together with drinks. Landing was not very smooth due to aborted take off due to traffic at RIC but we landed safely after 10 minutes. Great airline for a short flight and I hope to travel with them again in the near future.

Delta Air Lines - by Robin Whitley
19 January 2007

ATL-LGW/LGW-ATL. Traveled on the newly refitted 767-400. The entire cabin has been redone - coach seats are now leather with the moveable headrests and the BusinessElite Seats were new. Delta provided eye masks and earphones, as well as one complimentary alcoholic beverage in coach. The aircraft is also equipped with the new entertainment system, which offered a lot of variety and monitors for each seat - it provides the ability to make your own music playlists, start/stop movies, etc. We had a great experience other than some turbulence!

Delta Air Lines - by Peter Schweizer
9 January 2007

FLL-JFK round-trip in December 06. Both flights on MD-80 aircraft on time with no service to speak of. Aircraft old but well maintained. Easy and friendly curbside check-in at FLL and received boarding passes with previsously reserved seats. Check-in at Delta's JFK terminal (old Pan Am Worldport) a disaster. Incompetent curbside check-in staff that could not retrieve our revservation, long lines inside and an overall depressing interior of the entire terminal. Gate agent at JFK really stood out. After she noticed that we were traveling with our 9 week old infant she gave us entire row of 3 seats in the back of the aircraft so we had an empty seat for our child. That is what I call being proactive and providing great customer service. Fare was unbeatable and I would not hesitate to fly Delta again as long as their fares are competitive.

Delta Air Lines - by Anthony Loui
30 December 2006

MAD-ATL Econony Class. Check-in at Barajas T1 is slow. The flight was on a 767-300ER. Old cabin with lighting and seats that look like a hospital waiting room. In-flight safety video did not work. Cabin staff did not bother to complete the demonstration manually. Food was fair. IFE was antiquated. Cabin staff did not care to translate all English announcements to Spanish. Not worth the $945 return ticket. I was glad I arrived in ATL intact.

Delta Air Lines - by Robin Whitley
27 December 2006

ATL-ONT. I sat in the exit row, which provided some extra leg room. 757 equipped with modernized lighting systems and new leather seats. As far as in-flight entertainment, the movie was dated, but the Travel Channel entertainment was better. The snack pack was okay, although I'm not sure passengers need spreadable cheese that has garlic in it.

Delta Air Lines - by H Korros
27 December 2006

CVG-ATL-TLV Coach. Outbound ATL to TLV was only 50% booked so many in coach could stretch out over 3 seats. Those of us that did that had as much room as those in first/business, not bad for a 10.75 hour flight. Service was professional and courteous and included EL AL attendants as this is a code share flight. Food is poor to fair. Delta now offers 1 free drink in coach. TLV to ATL was fully booked and seemed endless - 13.25 hours in the air. The entertainment system worked for some but not for others and was not state of the art. Food was fair. The attendants were quite good and responsive, offering those lacking a working entertainment system free drinks.

Delta Air Lines - by Cristiano Miro
20 December 2006

BWI-ATL-FLL in coach. Two short, 1:20 minute-segments. Both flights arrived at their destinations several minutes early. BWI-ATL on a brand- new and clean, third generation 737. ATL-FLL on an older and dirty 757, with left-over crumbs in several seats, including mine. On the other hand, in both flights and on the ground, staff were pleasant and professional. I've flown to Rio on DL in coach, however, and planes were old with no IFE, very basic food, with staff being sore to the point of rudeness. I think DL is not a good carrier for long-haul travel, but it is rather a good choice for domestic flights. My one-way ticket BWI-FLL cost only $79, including taxes.

Delta Air Lines - by Stefan Fuerst
15 December 2006

Stuttgart - Atlanta - Dallas and back. Departure in Stuttgart on time. Complete sound system, passenger lights etc. was not working (at least in economy class). Food was below average level. Connection flight to Dallas was 3 hours late due to "no plane available". No compensation like free drink or snack. Return flight to Stuttgart was overbooked but the sound system was working. Price was cheaper than a direct flight with other airline - you get what you pay.

Delta Air Lines - by James Miller
15 December 2006

LGW-JFK return. Took advantage of the incredibly low fare (£160 round- trip inc. tax) offered by Delta to mark the opening of this route. Check-in at LGW was great - efficient, spacious, friendly. Flight to JFK was on-time and the cabin crew attentive and friendly - they responded to every request for extra drinks, snacks, blankets, etc. Unfortunately, the IFE is from another age - how can Delta even begin to compete on this route against the likes of Virgin, when everyone is forced to watch one big screen in the middle of the plane? The two movies were ok, but spoilt by people endlessly walking up and down the aisles and chatting to friends, obscuring the screen. Surely a seat-back video is not too much to ask for on a 8-hour flight these days? As for the seats, I felt that there was plenty of legroom, although where was the 'all-leather seat' as promised on Delta's website? I didn't experience it on either leg of my flight, nor did I get the amenity kit - another thing promised on the website but something which failed to materialise. I did appreciate the free alcohol with the meals. The return leg was altogether more challenging. First, the experience of check-in at Delta's terminal at JFK: it was as though there was an evacuation order in effect for NYC - the queue to check-in stretched out of the terminal building and down the ramp back towards the main road around the airport. It seems that Delta has recently added so many new international routes that its check-in facilities are totally overwhelmed. Countless people were missing flights and we were being barked at continually to move here and move there. It took us 45 minutes to go from the back of the queue to a check-in desk where, bizarrely, once we had checked in, we were required to take our bags back and carry them approx. 50 metres to an x-ray machine, this despite there being a conveyor belt behind the check-in desk which went to the same machine! I am sure someone is going to shout 'security' at me, but everybody was dumping their bags by the x-ray machine in the most chaotic fashion. I watched just to make sure that my bag actually made it, but was being shouted at by someone else at this stage to join another queue: 'stand against the wall, single file!'. Eventually, we were on-board and being pushed back, (on time) but whoops, we apparently had cargo on board which should have been on the plane at the next gate, so back we went. An hour later, we pushed back again to join a line of 35 planes waiting to take off; an hour after that, we finally made it into the sky. Cabin crew again very friendly and an uneventful, if late, flight back to LGW.

Delta Air Lines - by Adrian Watts
10 December 2006

LGW-JFK return. Outbound flight left on time. Service was good and Flight Attendants friendly. Entertainment system not very good and no personal TV screens so had to watch pretty old film on overhead screens and food was OK. Return leg was like flying with a different airline. The entertainment system did not work in my section of the plane, there was no apology and we weren't advised until we questioned why the film was not been shown. Lights were switched off during meal / drink service so people were able to use their personal lights, which allowed them to sleep if they did not want their meal. 2 hours into the overnight flight main cabin lights were switched on so the duty free could be sold, disturbing people who were sleeping / trying to sleep! Despite written confirmation and ticket advising special meal for Sister-in-law with dietary requirements only half the meal could be eaten and no special meal available for her when the light breakfast was served prior to landing. The food was awful for both special meals and standard meals. Staff unfriendly and uncooperative especially when trying to find alternative "snack" - which was a dry bagel. Flight did land however 30 minutes early despite the 55 minute delay. If Delta is considerably cheaper than other airlines I would take the flight as tolerable for 6/7 hours - but for the sake of 10 / 20 pounds would choose to fly another airline without hesitation.

Delta Air Lines - by E Beal
3 December 2006

Business Elite LGW-JFK-LGW, Outbound leg Comfy seat would be nice for a little more room for this type of service, movies on demand, good service/food etc etc. Return leg JFK check in is hideous, no Business Elite dedicated Check In, found a Delta Rep who allowed us to jump the queue, then join the long queue to put you bag next to a TSA agent then join another queue to go through security very frustrating. An old B767-300 tired looking seats IFE was next to useless. Service was slow - if you wanted to sleep quickly it was not possible due to the very slow meal service, we gave up on eating to get some sleep. Flight attendants OK. I wouldn't rush to choose Delta again unless the price was cheap, and avoid JFK if you can!!

Delta Air Lines - by J Walker
30 November 2006

MSN-ATL-VCE return MUC-ATL. Madison to Atlanta is too far for the small CRJ. However, FA was friendly and the flight was on time. Flight to Venice delayed by more than 2 hours due to mechanical prob. Gate agent was sympathetic and kept us updated. New plane was worn out 767. Biz Elite service rushed due to late start but food adequate. Seats are too narrow for this class of service. Munich check-in was swift and efficient. The flight departed a few minutes early and landed early. Newer 767 with interactive IFE. Major improvement. Dozens of movies and TV, plus music jukebox feature. Food was tolerable - some dishes were enjoyable - and service was fine, if not a little spotty mid-flight. Delta seems to be doing the best they can to win customers. Newer aircraft/updated IFE will go a long way. Will consider Delta again in the future.


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