Young in Mind, Young in Body

Update:04 May 2007

Many tenets of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be found in modern anti-aging medicine.

Many Chinese herbs like wolfberry fruits and ginseng can slow down aging.

TCM has a rich record in dealing with slowing down aging. Whether in Yi Ching, a fountainhead of Chinese culture with a 5,000-year history, or in the later Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, the most well-known ancient Chinese medical classic, maintaining the internal balance between yin and yang is seen as the key to health and longevity.

TCM pays particular attention to mental aging as it believes that the mental imbalance caused by excessive sadness and long-term depression can disturb the physiological balance and speed up the aging process.

TCM also believes that protecting yang qi can slow down the aging process. The kidney deserves special care because it is the root of yang qi. TCM also advocates a moderate sex life which may contradict the notion in Western medicine that an active sex life makes people look younger.

Excessive fatigue and anxiety as well as strenuous exercises can also damage yang qi. Hence it is important to slow down the body and mind.

SOURCE: China Daily

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