Underwater Wedding Ceremony--Trang, Thailand

Update:12 Jan 2007

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Although still relatively untouched by tourism, the Trang province is finding fame for its innovative Underwater Wedding Ceremony.

Held over three days around Valentine¡¯s Day, couples can exchange vows and tie the knot in the unusual and rather surreal subterranean surroundings.

Frequently dressed in a suit and traditional wedding dress, the happy couples don their scuba equipment to perform the ceremony submerged 12m (40ft) beneath the surface. With beautiful sandy beaches, forests, national parks, crystal clear waters and not to mention the underwater ceremony, this is surely a wedding day to remember

Last year, some thirty couples from Thailand and around the world staged a special wedding ceremony, held on St Valentine's Day under the crystal clear waters of Trang in South Thailand.

If you're planning to wed around February, or are already married but wishing to renew your vows, you are eligible to participate - but you must be a qualified diver!

Participating Thai and foreign bridegrooms and brides are warmly greeted when they arrive at Trang Airport, from where they parade around Trang Municipality. The colourful Khan Maak procession in long-tailed boats takes them to Ko Kradan island for their spectacular 40-feet-underwater ceremony.
Kradan Island also called Koh Ha by the locals, is approx 16 kilometres east of Chao Mai Cape and belongs to Haad Chao Mai National Park since its establishment in 1981. The island has several beaches, some of them the most beautiful dazzling white beaches of the region. Besides some private bungalow developments, accommodation in tents can be booked with the National Park Office. Electricity is available from 18:00-20:00 during weekdays and until 22:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Snorkelling is easy in the clear waters off the eastern coast, where some reefs are close to the beach.


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