Top Ten Backpackers' Favorite Hotels

Update:30 Dec 2007

Backpackers and independent travelers always look for quality accommodation on a budget. Good location, affordable price and a comfortable room are what they need. In the Bulletin Board System (BBS) of, a large Chinese-language information web portal in China, there is a listing of China's ten most popular hotels among backpackers. Most of them are located in famous ancient towns or small villages, which are hot tourist spots but difficult for visitors find good places to stay. The list may help those who want to travel to these destinations.

Fenghuang Tuo River Hostel

Just as its name implies, this gorgeous place is located next to the beautiful Tuo River, in southern China's Hunan Province. The view from the hostel's terrace reveals a panoramic vista of the ancient Fenghuang Town.

As one of the earliest family-style hostels, the homey decoration and warm welcome of the hosts make the guests feel at home. All the windows and walls are made from wood, which add much more simple and natural atmosphere. The clean and bright lobby offers a great place to enjoy your meal. And when sampling the local fare, guests also can feast their eyes on the rustic fishing boats and their ears on the melodious folk songs.

Address: No. 13, Huilong Ge, Tuojiang Town, Fenghuang County, Hunan Province.

Tel: 0743-3224558

Tips: 1) If you want to have dinner, tell the hosts before going out so that when you arrive, the meal will be ready.

2) There is a sightseeing platform inside the hostel, which is the best place to capture the picturesque views of the Tuo River and Hong Bridge.

Cuicui Hostel

Like Fenghuang Tuo River Hostel, Cuicui is also situated beside the Tuo River, but the decor is totally different.

This place put more emphasis on the local culture which can be seen from the dried golden corn and red peppers hanging on the wall. And the windows are all made of wood which gives the place a rustic charm.

The hostel consists of three floors. On the top floor is an outdoor grandstand where guests can fully enjoy the outside scenery and the local songs sung by the laundry women.

Address: No. 014, Laoyinshao, Tuojiang Town, Fenghuang County, Zhangjiajie Huanan Province

Tel: 0743-3261026

Wuyuan Lao Wu

With a history of more than 180 years, this place is famous for its engraved decoration. From the gilded tablet with Chinese characters to the exhibits, this hostel reveals the cultural background of its sophisticated host.

Located in a beautiful village called Wuyuan, this lodge features some charming scenery. The best place of this hostel is the Xiulou villa in the backyard. Staying in the Xiulou feels like you are living in a gorgeous ancient mansion where the traditional style is full of culture.

Address: Xiaoqi Village, Jiangwan Town, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province

Tel: 0793-7297402

Ju Shan Tang

As the best-preserved ancient building in Hong Village, Ju Shang Tang is worth a tour if you don't spend the night here. With a clear stream flowing across its gate, Ju Shang Tang becomes an attractive and mysterious place to visit.

Inside the hostel, the wooden beds and engraved antiques add to the historical charm of the place. Outside the lodge, fancy pavilions and classical rock gardens also dazzle your eyes and instantly draw you back to ancient times.

Address: No.6, Cunshangshuiba, Hong Village,Yi County, Anhui Province

Tel: 0559-5541218

Duoduo Hostel

Though it's named as a hostel, Duoduo is much more like a community center where people can read books and enjoy music. Located beside Lugu Lake, everything inside Duoduo seems simple and natural.

It is said that there are only two kinds of music heard in Duoduo Hostel. One is good, the other is better. But in reality, no matter what kind of music is played, the atmosphere in the hostel creates soothing sounds to stimulate your mood. Music and the lodge are fused together.

The books in the library are available for you to read and relax your mind.

Address: Yongningxianglige Village, Ninglang, Yunnan Province

Tel: 0888-5881026

MCA Hotel

In Dali, a city full of minorities, it's a surprise to find a Western-style hotel. When entering the courtyard, you may be shocked to see so many foreigners swimming in a big pool. All is so enjoyable and relaxing.

At MCA, guests can enjoy coffee and authentic Western cakes. Every weekend there's a grand party that includes a buffet and barbecue.

Last but not least, if you are an art-lover, you should check out the Arts Center in MCA. The Painting Studio inside the center is equipped with art materials for you to dabble with should you be inspired by your visit.

Address: Zhong duan,

Wenxian Road
, Dali Ancient Town, Dali, Yunnan Province

Tel: 0872-2673666


Laomofang Hostel

Lijiang is a romantic ancient city and the Laomofang Hostel adds to the wonderful atmosphere.

Laomofang is located beside a brook, whose source is the melted snow from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The landscape is so clear that your visit will refresh your senses. Another feature of this hostel is a big old phoenix tree. When in season, the tree will blossom full of flowers, creating a beautiful sight.

Near the gate, there is a pavilion where guests can chat and taste some green tea. If it rains, people also enjoy the other face of beautiful Lijiang. With the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof, the scenery comes alive and green.

Address: No. 64, Baisuifang, Dayanzhen, Lijiang City

Tel: 0888-5103244


1) Free Internet is available.

2) The kitchen here well equipped, so guest can make their own meals.

Danbadanba Lodge

Danba is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It's so stunning that visitors be amazed seeing such fantastic views. This is why four backpackers, originally strangers ,became the co-owners of Danbadanba.

The decoration of this hostel is unique, using photography as the theme. All the photos are about Danba, from pictures of local people to the famous sights, so guests can get a preview of what they will encounter on their visit.

Address: Suoduan Bridge Zhanggu Town, Danba County, Sichuan Province

Tel: 0836-3521075

Wang Gu Cheng Restaurant

"Wang Gu Cheng" means visitors can get a bird's eye-view of the whole old town. So it's not surprising this place is so popular among travelers.

But as the hostel is located on a hill, guests need to climb about five minutes to get there. But after a night's sleep, they will wake up to find a stunning scenery of the snow on the mountains and feel every effort to get there is worthwhile.

Address: No. 64, Huangshan Shangduan, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province.

Tel: 08885106180

Tips: This lodge is very busy during weekends and holidays, so it's a good idea to make reservations ahead of time

Wangjianglou Hostel

If you walk the streets of Yangshuo, you may be confused because you might not know where you are. Every where you look, the scenery is so gorgeous and imaginary that you may think you're day-dreaming. Situated in such a fantasy place, Wangjianglou will make your dreams of enjoyment and relaxation come true.

There are only 11 guest rooms which are small but sweet. Every one has a private telephone number and for your convenience, the hostel also has free bicycles for you to use to tour around.

Address: No. 15,

Tel: 0773-8829676



Bangjiang Road
, Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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