Guidebook with 8 foreign languages for the Olympics

Update:29 Jan 2008

On January 25, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau published a Chinese-English guidebook on emergency treatment. As reported, the version in Chinese and 8 other foreign languages as well will be issued in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games as a convenience to foreign athletes and tourists.

The guidebook includes common expressions necessary for emergency treatment as well as other medical terms related to catching colds or experiencing diarrhea. Classifications of drug allergies and a section on cardiac pacemakers and artificial joint are also covered in the guidebook.

The central page of the guidebook has a map indicating all the designated hospitals for the Games and emergency medical centers in Beijing, with all their names marked in both Chinese and English.

In addition, foreign athletes and tourists can make themselves easily noticeable by displaying the red cover of the guidebook during emergencies to get medical treatment as soon as possible.

SOURCE: by Yang Xi

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