e-Wallet in Use for Taxi in Xiamen

Update:20 Jan 2007

As of last Monday, 400 new taxis of Xiamen Straits Taxi Service began to accept payment by e-Wallet, and it is hoped that such a way of payment could be available in all other new taxis in Xiamen.

These 400 cars have begun trial operation of e-Wallet card since end of last year. To date, 1000 transactions and nearly 10,000 yuan have changed hands in the industry. The e-card user must tell the taxi driver that he/she would like to pay by e-Card. Not all taxi has the services at the moment.

Payment by e-Wallet guarantees exact amount in a transaction. No change has to be given, making it easy for both the taxi and the customer. But some taxi worry about the accuracy of the e-transaction and the timeliness of payment settlement with the e-Wallet company.

However, a spokesperson from Xiamen e-Wallet Company, the company that develops this system explains that payment by the e-Card is safe and via electronic network, thus ensuring fast transmission of information. Taxi could check the data of transmission to ensure accuracy.

Reports say, as the meters installed in old-fashioned taxis in Xiamen could not support the function of e-card swiping, the use of e-Wallet card will be gradually introduced through new taxis.

Fujian News Media

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