2010 Kinmen Marathon to run on Jan 16

Update:06 Jan 2010

Hosted by the Kinmen County Government and titled "Run Run Kinmen", the 2010 Kinmen Marathon will be held on 16th Jan. 2010 in Kinmen.
The 2010 Kinmen Marathon will be divided into four categories: the 42.195-kilometer (km) marathon, the 21.0975-km half marathon, the 10-km race and 5-km leisure run. The race will start at 7:30 am from the National Kinmen Institute Technology, with the marathon runners circling Kinmen Island along a scenic highway.
The Kinmen Marathon was held on the same day as the Xiamen International Marathon in the past few years. This year, the organizing committee changed the time so as to encourage more participants from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to participate in the Kinmen Marathon.
Kinmen is an island that lies across the water from Xiamen, and it's only a half hour ferry to get there from Wutong Port. For more information about the ferry and to secure tickets, call Apple Travel on (+86=592) 5053122.
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